Wednesday May 24 2023


Sleeping on and off in the bottom bunk waking up at the truck stops to help pay for gas.


Getting some stuff done at the computer.


Then, suddenly, the saga continues. Bob drives us over a mean bump and crack in the road that causes the hitch to literally crack clear off. So now we’re in the middle of Prichard, Alabama, about 5 minutes away from a Love’s. I joke that it’s strike three for Bob. First we didn’t clear that curb in Denver and shredded a trailer tire. Second, we get stuck in the mud in the middle of a storm in Texas. And now, broken hitch in Alabama.


We unhitch the trailer and drive the bus to meet a welder in town. It’s a whole deal. Luckily, there’s a local coffee shop called Moka’s nearby. I grab a few smoothies and coffees.


The welder guy has his friend drop by to give us a jack to use. Nigel convinces him to take me to pick up the guys and trailer we left on the crash site. His name is Garrett – super nice guy – Nigel of course gave him a hundred to get the job done.



While we wait on the welder sparking up the back of the bus in front of the Red Roof Inn, a few of us grab dinner from a Hibachi place across the street. Nigel pays the guy and we’re back on the road again!


I take a driving shift from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Playing some soft rock tunes with Bob in the passenger seat. We talk about his time in the war and other things with his family.


Side note of concern is the animosity between Turbo Phil and Bob (the old guy drivers). I attempt to talk with them individually about smoothing things over with each other. I just can’t believe how bad it’s gotten though that they can’t even sit up front and work together anymore.


After a gas stop at a Pilot, I make some Green Tea and catch up on stuff at the computer.


Sleeping in the bottom bunk.


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