Friday May 12 2023

Waking up kind of early. Running/walking a few miles on the treadmill in the fitness center.


Granola and Tea for breakfast.


The new Phil drives the bus to Spokane, Washington, just a hop skip and a jump from the hotel in Idaho.


We’re playing the Bing Crosby Theater tonight, a beautiful theater built in 1914. Loading in and setting up. We have some youthful and helpful stage hands today.



Walking up the block to a local coffee shop called Brews Bros Coffee, a tradition I like to keep, finding the local caffeine spots in town.


More set up on the stage and then sound check.



We find a cool burrito bar up the street called Neato Burrito, a small hip bar decorated with vintage pictures of Jesus and other random knick knacks.



7:30 it’s show time! The roar of the crowd as usual is contagious.



Packing up and loading out. Phil drives us through the night to the middle of nowhere, Othello, Washington. Upon checking in we discover another hotel with no elevators. Normally this wouldn’t be a concern but we have olders who can’t lug their bags up the stairs. I help out as much as I can.


Settling in. Running/walking on the treadmill they have downstairs before hitting the bed.


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