Saturday May 6 2023

Waking up around noon in the River City Casino.


Rebecca and I grab some tea and coffee at the café downstairs. She brings up a few points about internal issues in the band, mostly involving me coming across as condescending or being short with her (and others). It’s something I need to work on when I’m in work mode – I get too caught up in the mix of getting everything done and forget to be nice.


Time to load in – we get the bus moved around back – stage hands help us get everything inside. Setting the stage up.


Enjoying some hospitality with the most amazing hummus ever.


Sound check.


Cleaning up and ordering dinner at the Italian place on site. Catching up on things at the computer.


Then, it’s show time. The house is pretty full but not as full as last year when we were here.


Packing up and loading out.


This burger place on site gives me the biggest bag of French fries ever. Recollecting the day with Rebecca in the room. We’ve got an early bus call the next morning so time to sleep.


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