Tuesday May 9 2023

Waking up in the Air BnB feeling pretty well rested. 


We all pile into the bus and head to Denver, Colorado (about an hour or so drive).


Performing at The Paramount Theatre tonight, right in the heart of downtown Denver. Everyone is at different stages of an illness floating around. I start to feel something but I push through it.


After load-in I walk around the block to grab some coffee and a sandwich from Snarf’s.




Setting up things at the venue. I’m amazed at the richness and grandness of this theatre with all the medieval style tapestries on the wall and gorgeous ceiling.



Grabbing some soup from this place called Zoup! down the street for dinner.


At some point getting on stage and doing our thing. All of us are struggling to breath in this high elevation – the altitude makes it a little more challenging to hold longer notes and general labor/moving around. Also, Antwan, a new bass player we’re working in is performing with us tonight.



Meet & Greet at the show then packing up the stage.


Back at the Air BnB – everyone chows down on whatever food is around. Cleaning up the dishes and catching up on things. Doing a lot of pre-packing so tomorrow morning isn’t crazy.


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