Monday May 31 2021

Waking up around 11:45 a.m.


Oatmeal with Cinnamon, Strawberries, and Almond Milk. Irish Breakfast Tea.


At the gym working out.



Scrambled Eggs. Spinach. Toast with Butter and Jam. Salt n Vinegar Chips with Avocado.

Watching The Queen’s Gambit (2020).


Teaching lessons at Music Makers. Even though it’s Memorial Day we’re still opened doing a good chunk of lessons.


Back home. Cooking dinner for Ana and I: Peas, Corn, Baby Cauliflower, and Quinoa.


Afterwards, Ana and I make fire in my bedroom with a Cosmic Funk playlist on.


Meeting up with Kevin and Rebecca at the studio to rehearse and go over Rebecca’s vocal parts.




Playing DOOM.


Sunday May 30 2021

Waking up after noon. Ana makes us Waffles for breakfast.


The both of us at Broadway rehearsal at the church. It’s a big dress rehearsal day for the full cast. This is my first time being here for the full run through. We do the Aladdin numbers near the beginning – Ana and I’s first time performing A Whole New World – we did quite well I thought.


Snacking on nuts and lentil curls. Coffee.


Learning little roles I’ll need to take on like moving the piano and setting fake trees. It’s really cool to see the whole thing. There’s so many talented and comical parts.


Ana and I grab a bite to eat at Old Beach Tavern – they had some unexpected big groups and they’re understaffed. But we wait patiently – we’re not the kind of people to cause a scene.

Fish n’ Chips for me.


Back home. Taking care of chores and business.


Chillin’ with Ana – taking the recycle out (things we usually do after midnight). Earlier she was over at Rebecca’s getting help with a headband for her Jasmine costume. I’m glad they’re able to connect.


Saturday May 29 2021

Waking up bright and early at 9:30 a.m.


We have an earlier than usual Music Makers LIVE show today. Ana helps me gather all the gear and take it to Elevation27.


Somewhere in there I eat a Breakfast Bar with a Banana and Coffee.


Devon helps me load and organize the stage. At some point around noon we start the show. Four bands today: The Kool Kats, K.E.O.S., Edvansd Plasemint, and Modern Day Warrior. Everything goes smooth – all the bands are having fun and putting on a great performance. Vlad and Rebecca do a raffle and banter between bands.


Loading everything back to Music Makers and setting it all back up. Meanwhile, it’s pouring down rain!


Finally home to relax...

PB&J. Lentil Curls. Tea.


Later into the night Ana and I drive out to Norfolk for another show. Tonight Ladada plays with Berries and You’re Jovian. It truly feels refreshing to be at a show where people aren’t wearing masks, drinking, and dancing. You have to just assume most people are vaccinated. It’s truly awesome to see all our friends – it feels like a reunion. Sipping on beer and eating some Shrimp Tacos with Mac n Cheese from a food truck. We experience a great moment with friends and strangers alike by the lit up LAVA sign where we all just dance freely.



Friday May 28 2021


Waking up pretty late after noon. Elvis is lying patiently near my leg while Ana is scrolling on her phone.



Cereal with Banana, Strawberries, Blueberries, and Almond Milk. Tea.


Taking care of watering the plants and chores.


Catching up on business.


Scrambled Eggs. Toast with Butter and Jam. Spinach. Potato Lentil Curls. Coffee.

Watching The Woman in the Window (2021).


At Music Makers coaching two MMLIVE band’s final rehearsals before tomorrow’s show. These bands are as ready as they’ll ever be.


Back home making an easy dinner: Smoked Salmon Sandwich with Tomato, Avocado, Cabbage, and Corn Chips.




Packing up all the gear at the studio and organizing everything for tomorrow’s show.


Thursday May 27 2021

Waking up around 11:30 a.m.


Oatmeal with Cinnamon, Blueberries, Protein Powder, and Almond Milk. Irish Breakfast Tea.


Working out at the gym – Vlad shows me some new methods.


Picking up some things at Three Ships – they renovated inside and are fully open now.


Chic Pea Salad with Spinach, Tomatoes, and a Sardine. Biscuit with Butter and Jam. Coffee.

Watching The Woman in the Window (2021).


I had a few lesson cancelations so I catch up on business.




Teaching a few lessons.


Dinner: Japanese Style Fried Rice with Kale and an Egg.


Coaching a nighttime MMLIVE band rehearsal.


Later on, at Ladada practice too. This week is an endless stream of band rehearsals. We run the set a few times and jam around.


Nutella Pop Tart. Green Tea.


Wednesday May 26 2021

Waking up around 11:30 a.m.


Oatmeal with Cinnamon, Blueberries, Strawberries, Protein Powder, and Almond Milk. Irish Breakfast Tea.


Working out at the gym.




Scrambled Eggs. Toast with Butter and Jam. Chips. Kale. Coffee.


Teaching lessons at Music Makers.

It’s very hectic here but in a good way – always so much going on nowadays.


I grab some Gringo’s Fish Tacos for Ana and I to have for dinner. Then, Modern Day Warrior has our final rehearsal before the big show this weekend. Ana rolls in directly from work to rehearse with the boys.


Back home. Catching up on all kinds of business on the computer.


Snacking on Crackers and Chic Pea Crisps.


Tuesday May 25 2021

Waking up at 10:30 a.m.


Meeting up with Mike Abenante at his body shop out in Chesapeake. We chat for a while outside looking over my car and getting some ideas.


Breakfast Bar. Banana. Tea.


Working out at the gym – leg day.


Scrambled Eggs. Toast with Butter and Strawberries. Kale. Coffee.


Teaching lessons at Music Makers.



Smoked Salmon. Cabbage. Five Guys French Fries.

Finishing that zombie movie.


Catching up on business and things.




Monday May 24 2021

Waking up at 11:30 a.m.


Oatmeal with Cinnamon, Strawberries, Half Scoop of Protein Powder, and Almond Milk. Irish Breakfast Tea.


Today I’m officially starting this new eating/workout regimen, Maria, Vlad’s wife and mother of Alexa, is helping direct my diet and workouts. I really just want to learn about calorie counting and see what I can do to achieve some muscle growth and shave some fat around my stomach.


Working out at the gym.


Scrambled Eggs. Toast with Butter. Peach. Kale. Coffee. Potato Chips.


Teaching lessons at Music Makers.


Making dinner for Ana and I: Vegan Burgers with Tomatoes, Onions, and Lettuce. Snow Peas with Carrots.


Rebecca and I go to ELO rehearsal. It’s her second time rehearsing with us. She’s even more prepared this time and sounding good.


Later on, Ana was experiencing some stressful moments that in return stress me out. It’s complicated but she’s still not comfortable with me having platonic relationships. There is literally no reason except within herself. Sometimes I don’t know what to do. It takes a lot of damage control/TLC to get her in a better place.


Popcorn. Grapefruit. Green Tea.


Sunday May 23 2021

Waking up around 11 a.m.


Cereal with Blueberries, Banana, and Almond Milk. Tea.


Coaching 3 MMLIVE bands at Music Makers.

PB&J lunch break with Popped Chips and Coffee.

All the bands of course are feeling more and more prepared in my opinion.


Then, straight to Broadway rehearsal. The cast is having a tech rehearsal where they run the show – the sound guy for the Kroc Center is here observing. After running the Aladdin number I stick around to help edit footage for Rebecca while she does her dance class.


Back home. I’m unusually hungrier than normal. Putting together a bunch of leftovers for Ana and I to share when she gets off work.

Hefty Salad with Sardines and Garlic Bread.


Catching up on business.


Cleaning the kitchen – washing dishes.


At the studio cleaning up and putting everything back together.


Saturday May 22 2021

Waking up around noon.


Oatmeal with Cinnamon, Blueberries, and Almond Milk. Irish Breakfast Tea.


At Music Makers taking care of business. Meanwhile, Alexa is practicing drums while her mom and I discuss the new game plan for my diet and workout regime. Doing some general maintenance.




Scrambled Eggs. Toast with Butter and Jam. Kale. Popped Chips. Coffee.

Watching Army of the Dead (2021).


Prepping in the kitchen.


Changing the snare drum head and tuning the drums.


Ana and I walk to Baladi’s for dinner. We haven’t really been here in a long time. I remember taking my mom here for one of her birthdays.

Enjoying a hummus platter with all kinds of tasty things and a huge salad with lentil soup.


Walking over to the studio to rehearse the Aladdin song and talk about the band jam songs.


Friday May 21 2021


Waking up to the smells of waffle-y goodness. Ana made us Blueberry Waffles for breakfast.


We drive out to Pungo on a quest to pick strawberries…and we succeed at Vaughn Farms. The weather is absolutely perfect. Little bees pollinate the flowers right next to the strawberry plants as we get on our hands and knees searching for the best strawberries.


Stopping by one of the farmer’s markets off Culver while we’re over in Ocean Lakes. The same little lady is working there – they always have a bunch of goodies.


Obviously cleaning and gobbling down strawberries when we get back home.


At Music Makers watering all the plants.


Lunch: leftover Tuna Steak with Kale, Salt n Vinegar Chips, and Avocado. Coffee.


Catching up on business.


Playing some 3v3 basketball over on the Lynnhaven courts.


Dinner: Corn and Peas with Mixed Vegetables and Quinoa.

Watching Army of the Dead (2021).


Green Tea.


Chores and cleaning.