Saturday October 31 2015

Jesus Playing Guitar (October 31 2015)[i]

Waking up at 11:30 a.m.

Oatmeal with Strawberries, Cinnamon, Maple Syrup, and Kefir. Yerba Mate Tea.

Teaching a lesson at Music Makers.

Packing up my keyboard gear at the music space. I manage to misplace my iPhone, which causes me about 30 minutes of anxiety. I had to go home and use Kevin's phone to locate it.

Tuna Salad Sandwich with Lettuce and Tomato. Corn Tortilla Chips with Avocado and Tomato. Honey Brown Rice Green Tea.

Finishing The Gunman (2015).

Helping put together my costume with Ana. She thought up the idea that we could be "Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein in the Kitchen". We take Kevin's old Papa John's aprons and staple "[eye] [heart] Frankenstein" on hers and "[eye] [heart] My Bride" on mine. She's even going to carry around a bowl of flour.

Ana and I as Frankenstein and Bride (October 31 2015)

Driving out to the Wing King off Centerville for my DEJA gig. We play the usual set mixed in with a Halloween costume contest. There's a scary fat clown, a spot-on Gene Simmons, drinking priests, and, my personal favorite, Eric, our guitar player, as Jesus. With minimal effort all Eric had to do was put on a Jesus robe and voila.

Gene Simmons Wins the Costume Contest (October 31 2015)

Scary Clown (October 31 2015)

Ana and Caitlin (October 31 2015)

DEJA at Wing King (October 31 2015)

Jesus Peeing (October 31 2015)

For dinner, we eat big Salads out in the car. Inside, I order a small thing of Buffalo Shrimp.

Back home. Enjoying the extra hour of sleep granted to us. Sharing Pineapple in the kitchen. Entertained by the idea that the words "worrier" and "warrior" sound alike but have opposite meanings.

Sleep 3 a.m.

[i] Images by me.

Friday October 30 2015

Haunted Toast (October 30 2015)[i]

Waking up around 12:30 p.m.

Steel Cut Oats with Cinnamon, Maple Syrup, Strawberries, and Kefir. Teeccino with Almond Milk.

Running errands with Ana: groceries, dropping off recycle, band, etc.

Scrambled Eggs, Bread, Roasted Potato Chips, Tomatoes, and Honey Green Tea.

Watching The Gunman (2015).

Running a few miles at The Escape.

Ana and I are helping Elliott and Michelle out with their haunted walkthrough at Toast in Norfolk. Dressed in all black and wearing masks we each play our roles. I take charge of the leaf blower at the end of the crawl space and scream as loud as I can. Ana hides behind a demented baby crib with a black sheet and scares unsuspecting people as they exit. In between scaring people Ana and I order a couple Toast items on the menu, a Pecan Kale and a S'mores.

Ana Scaring People at Haunted Toast (October 30 2015) (2)

Will's Wolf Hands at Haunted Toast (October 30 2015)

Scaring People at Haunted Toast (October 30 2015)

Ana Scaring People at Haunted Toast (October 30 2015) (1)

Afterwards, we head on over to The Parlor for The Seeers rock show. Little did I know I would also see Sarah Regis and her new band, Christie. She used to play guitar in my old band, The Vaginasaurs back in the day. It's a good old fashioned time tossing and swinging ourselves into each other while the rock 'n' roll machine plays.

Back home after a long night. Whenever Ana and I go out to an event, or something that involves mingling with a ton of people, at some point she starts acting mean to me. I have my ways of brushing it off with humor. It's not a big deal I tell her cause at the end of the day it's still just me and her – we can't escape each other either cause we're roommates.

Sleep 4 a.m.

[i] Images by me.

Thursday October 29 2015

Waking up at 11 a.m.

Oatmeal with Strawberries, Maple Syrup, Cinnamon, and Kefir. Teeccino with Almond Milk.

Teaching a couple lessons at Music Makers.

Grilled PB&J. Fuji Apple. Honey Green Tea.

Watching Back in Time (2015).

Teaching more lessons at Music Makers.

At the Great Neck Rec working out then playing a few games of basketball.

Back home. Slapping together some dinner for Ana and I: Salmon and Tofu Tacos with Corn Tortilla Chips and Avocado.

At the music space working out ELO songs with Nigel, Jimmy, Eric, and Caitlin.

Back home. Eating Grapes.

Sleep at 3 a.m.

Wednesday October 28 2015

Hanging Succulents at The Stockpot (October 28 2015)[i]

Waking up at 11:18 a.m. The power has been out since 9 a.m. I've had to leave the window open and force myself to listen to the thundering jet noise every five seconds.

Greek Yogurt with Grapes and a Grapefruit.


Ana's new iPhone 5c came in the mail to replace her green tea damaged iPhone 4. Helping her set up everything.

Trying out the brand new Stockpot restaurant on 19th Street with Ana. I order the Egg Salad Sandwich with a Rosemary Biscuit and Sweet Potato Hash. Reasonably priced and semi-fancy.

Ana and I at The Stockpot (October 28 2015)

Teaching a bunch of vocal lessons at Music Makers.

Back home. Ana and I tear up the kitchen – she prepares bread in the bread maker and then we cook dinner together.

Norwegian Salmon with Kale, Carrots, Onions, Peppers, and Pink Madagascar Rice.

An unexpected dinner guest shows up on the floor: a huge spider. I wrangle him into a plastic container and we take a closer look.

Spider Dinner Guest (October 28 2015)

Both of us feel exhausted early on in the night and we can't figure out why. There wasn't much sun out today. I plop on her bed and request a light foot massage. Then, we decide to go to the music space to jam.

Back home. Filling our cravings for bread.

Ana's been going through a personal swing of moods throughout the day and she can't explain why. After hugging and kissing each other goodnight she sends me a message...

"I'm sorry. I just feel like I want to get everything in my life together."

"One piece at a time," I reply.

Sleep 3:30 a.m.

[i] Images by me.

Tuesday October 27 2015

Ain't Them Bodies Saints[i]

Waking up at 11:48 a.m.

Valencia Orange. Applesauce.

Scheduling. Organizing.

Tuna Salad Sandwich with Lettuce and Tomato. Roasted Potatoes. Honey Green Tea. Grapes.

Watching Ain't Them Bodies Saints (2013).

Got a full day of lessons – 8 half-hour lessons in a row.

Afterwards, at the Rec – showing up a little late to sign up for adult basketball and get put on the wait list. I use my time wisely to get some cardio in. I manage to get one decent game in the end.

Back home. I slap a bunch of leftovers together for dinner: Black Beans, Lentils, Quinoa, Kale, Onions, Red Peppers, Carrots, and Garlic Bread.

Finishing the movie.

Research. Lesson prepping.

Playing somber guitar.

Sleep next to Ana at 4 a.m.

[i] Ain't Them Bodies Saints.

Monday October 26 2015

Manute Bol.[i]

☼ ○ ▬

At a big swimming pool facility. Sort of floating around the room in mid-air trying to avoid the grasp of a hostile apparition. Up near the ledge of a window is a miniature city. Once you enter you shrink to their size. I go inside for safety. It's a whole new world now. For some reason I have an ankle bracelet on, some kind of locator and a bracelet on my wrist. I try to keep it hidden behind my socks and sleeves cause if I'm found they could throw me out. Running around neighborhood to neighborhood late at night. I develop an awkward relationship with the ringleader of a gang that seeks people like me out. It's hard to tell if he knows who I am and is just playing along to catch me at the right moment. A different gang discovers my existence. I try to seek help from my ringleader friend. He's playing some arcade game when I ask.

Me: "Hey. I really need your help. They're coming to get me!"

Later on, I find myself hiding atop a building. The gang is kicking and chopping at the building and make it tilt over. As it's falling I toss my locator bracelets into the woods nearby. As soon as I hit the ground it's game over. I wake up.

▬ ○ ☼

Waking up at 11:12 a.m.

Irish Oatmeal with Maple Syrup, Cinnamon, Strawberries, and Kefir. Yerba Mate Tea with Almond Milk. Banana.

Running a couple miles on the treadmill at The Escape.

PB&J Sandwich. Olive Oil Potato Chips. Honey Green Tea.

Watching Cop Car (2015).

Teaching lessons at Music Makers.

Getting groceries at Trader Joe's – getting new socks and gym shorts at Target.

In my bedroom I discover an ant trail leading from the electrical socket near my window onto my desk and around my golden pothos plant. Every year I battle these buggers in different parts of the house. All it takes is caulking the cracks around the socket and wiping down the desk.

Electric Light Orchestra practice at the music space.


Kitchen prep.

Sleep 3:30 a.m.

[i] Manute Bol.

Sunday October 25 2015

Waking up at 10:40 a.m.

My mom comes over to share breakfast with us, something that's become a Sunday morning tradition. I warm up some leftover Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes and prepare Greek Yogurt with Strawberries along with Teeccino and Almond Milk.

Three rock school sessions today. First band is probably the most advanced out of the three. They're doing White Stripes songs, Tom Sawyer by Rush, Ramones, and Black Hole Sun.

Banana. Dried Peaches.

Second up is the adult band.

Scrambled Eggs. Toast with Non-Dairy Cream Cheese. Corn Tortilla Chips with Avocado and Tomato. Honey Green Tea.

Third is The Blondies, as we refer to them cause its three girls and a boy all with blonde hair – the youngest out of all the bands. I take more ownership over them – they're my babies.

Back home. Settling down. Napping.

Shooting some hoops on the basketball courts.

Back home. Ana struggles in the kitchen trying to make Quinoa Sushi – she manages to get little pecks of quinoa all over the floor and table. The problem is quinoa isn't sticky like rice is. But everything's okay cause we turn it into a sushi bowl, all veggies, and with a homemade Miso Soup. Afterwards, cleaning up the kitchen together and sharing Pineapple.

She puts on a silky black nightgown that accentuates her female form. I take her by the hand and lead her upstairs to my room. For whatever reason she has on the Daria-style black frame glasses. I pretend she's a librarian and I'm looking for a book on WWII. Role-playing is healthy in our relationship. We use the computer chair to enjoy a late evening sexual delight.

Practicing some electric guitar at the music space.

Sleep 3:30 a.m.

Saturday October 24 2015

Look into my Soul (October 24 2015)[i]

Waking up at noon.

Steel Cut Oats with Maple Syrup, Strawberries, Cinnamon, and Kefir. Yerba Mate Tea.

Watching The Wraith (1986).

Teaching a couple vocal lessons at Music Makers.

Leftover Pizza with a Salad. Honey Green Tea.

Shooting some hoops out off First Colonial just to get a little cardio in.

Ana and I head to Chesapeake for my DEJA gig. Jerry's Restaurant is having a huge anniversary event called Jerrypalooza – it's an outside concert with bands performing all day long. We're on last. We only play for an hour or so. It's not freezing cold out but it's cold enough to make my fingers stiff – it's difficult to do solo heavy songs. And this nighttime humidity keeps the keys on my keyboards slippery. It's still a good time. Watching Jimmy, the bass player, kill it on the "War Pigs" cover.

DEJA at Jerrypalooza (October 24 2015) (3)

DEJA at Jerrypalooza (October 24 2015) (2)

DEJA at Jerrypalooza (October 24 2015) (1)

After that, Ana and I decide to head to our favorite restaurant, Field Guide, in Norfolk. Whenever we try to think about other places to eat out for dinner for some reason we can't think of any place better. We eat like kings and queens here in our opinion. It's the kind of stuff we might make at home but better. We both order Rice Bowls full of all kinds of wholesome vegetables, mine with chicken and hers with tofu. Finishing it off with a warm Cinnamon Bun.

"Mmm. Lots of sugar!" Ana says sarcastically.

Me: "Yeah, I know but it's okay to treat yourself once in a while."

Stopping by the music space to drop off gear. While I set up my keyboard rig and set up things for rock school tomorrow, Ana fiddles on the drum kit. I hop on the electric guitar and we jam out to some improvised rock n roll progressions. We keep joking about starting a rock duo called Accidental Accents (or The Double A's).

Arriving home finally after 1 a.m.

Me: "Man, I played a DEJA gig. Then we went out to eat in Norfolk. And then we jammed all night. What the heck? We did everything tonight!"

"Who does that?" she exclaims.

Cleaning up the kitchen and doing a couple chores.

Sipping on Ginger Pear Tea and watching a Motörhead documentary.

Sleep 3 a.m. 

[i] Images by me.

Friday October 23 2015

Coral Reef Teeccino (October 23 2015)[i]

Waking up at noon.

Ana makes us Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes. I brew up some Teeccino.

We've got an itinerary today. Taking care of an errand for my mom. Then, to Lynnhaven Mall, a place both Ana and I haven't stepped foot inside of in a very long time. A nostalgic visit into Hot Topic – Ana buys a shirt with cats impersonating Mount Rushmore and another one with cats integrated into Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures album cover. I almost got a band shirt but decided against it. H&M is more productive but the tiresome feeling that one experiences after shopping for too long starts to creep up on us. It's time to go.

Sharing a Honey Crisp Apple.

As we drive home I reflect, "I'm all shopped out. It's dangerous for us cause we're both indecisive."

Home finally. Ana goes back out to get groceries.

King's Dishes Dream (October 23 2015)

Peanut Butter Toast with Roasted Murasaki Sweet Potatoes. Honey Green Tea.

Mom Text (October 23 2015)


I've got a DEJA gig at AJ Gator's off Witchduck Road. It's my first time performing Bohemian Rhapsody with the band. We only practiced it together Wednesday. I really don't have my vocal lines set in stone yet so our performance of this can only get better from here.

DEJA at AJ Gator's (October 23 2015)

In between sets eating a hearty lukewarm dinner in the car of Lentils with Kale, Carrots, and Quinoa.

Back home. I discover a lone slug oozing on the countertop in the kitchen. Where in the world did he come from?

Slug on the Counter (October 23 2015)

Relaxing in my room with Grapes, Ginger Pear Tea, and The Wraith (1986).

Sleep 4 a.m.

[i] Images by me.

Thursday October 22 2015

Ana is the Produce Princess (October 22 2015)[i]

Waking up at 11:30 a.m.

Irish Oatmeal with Strawberries, Maple Syrup, Cinnamon, Chia Seeds, and Kefir. Yerba Mate Tea.


Practicing piano.

Scrambled Eggs. Toast with Non-Dairy Cream Cheese. Corn Tortilla Chips with Avocado and Tomato. Honey Green Tea.

Teaching lessons at Music Makers.

At the Great Neck Rec for adult basketball. I have to be on the wait list for the first hour but I make use of my time in the fitness room until they match me up on a team. I think I get about three good games in.

I bring back home two large Pizzas from Whole Foods for Kevin, Ana, and I to indulge in for dinner. They used to be 2 for $20 but I found out they're 2 for $22 now.

"At work they call me the produce princess," she tells me. I try my best to snap a photo of her best "produce princess" look but she thinks her face is fat.

"Oh my goodness, Ana! Stop it. Your face is not fat!"

Practicing DEJA songs at the music space.

Sleep at 4 a.m.

[i] Image by me.

Wednesday October 21 2015

Blast from the Past Me (Circa 00's)[i]

Waking up at 11:21 a.m.

Irish Oatmeal with Strawberries, Maple Syrup, Cinnamon, and Kefir. Teeccino with Almond Milk.

Research/kitchen prep.

Getting last minute groceries at Trader Joe's with Ana – I ran out of eggs and she ran out of blueberries. As soon as we get home she scoops herself a bowl of frozen blueberries and starts eating them.

Me: "You have an addiction."

Scrambled Eggs. Wheat Toast with Non-Dairy Cream Cheese. Corn Tortilla Chips with Avocado and Tomato. Fuji Apple. Honey Green Tea.

Watching Alexander (2004).

Teaching lessons at Music Makers.

Doing some solo yoga in the living room.

Leftover Black Beans with Bok Choy, Onions, Cabbage, and Quinoa.

DEJA rehearsal at the music space. We're working on Bohemian Rhapsody for the first time together, or at least my first time with them. It goes smoothly except when trying to establish all the operatic vocal parts.

Back home. I pull out an old pair of extremely baggy brown pants that I used to wear in high school. I show Ana a ghost of my past and it sparks a search through a shoe box of photos I have saved from my middle school and high school years.

Sleep 3:40 a.m. 

[i] Me (Circa 2000's)

Tuesday October 20 2015

Nancy Depew.[i]

Waking up at 11:30 a.m.

Greek Yogurt with Strawberries. Yerba Mate Tea.

Running some errands.

We're all very excited cause the maintenance guy finally arrives to fix the dishwasher, the spray hose in the sink, and the heater.

Grilled PB&J. Vegetable Root Chips. Honey Green Tea.

Teaching lessons at Music Makers.

Hour break at home. Doing partner yoga with Ana in the living room.

Bosc Pear.

Teaching one more lesson at Music Makers.

At the Great Neck Rec for adult basketball. I get there late but still manage to hop on a team. Besides the powerhouse defense and the few lay-ups I don't feel satisfied with my game play.

As soon as I get home dinner is set up on the table, made with love and care by my wonderful girlfriend.


After finishing a beet she talks about possibly having another.

Me: "Whoa, Ana. One beet at a time."

Both realizing the pun that could be furthered we giggle.

Sharing Applesauce and a Persimmon for dessert.

Upstairs, we make love for about 20 minutes before she has to go to a karaoke outing with her co-workers. After all the organs have settled we lie there on the bed half naked.

She asks, "Why do you love me? I wanna know."

"I'm gonna have to Google that," I reply.

Practicing piano.

Ginger Pear Tea.

Sleep 3:40 a.m.

[i] Nancy Depew.

Monday October 19 2015

Busy Little Bee - Joaquin.[i]

Waking up at 11:30 a.m. next to Ana warm and cozy under the covers.

Irish Oatmeal with Strawberries, Maple Syrup, Cinnamon, and Kefir. Teeccino with Almond Milk.


Running a couple miles at The Escape.

Scrambled Eggs. Toast with Non-Dairy Cream Cheese. Roasted Potatoes. Honey Green Tea.

Watching Knock Knock (2015).

Teaching lessons at Music Makers.

Valencia Orange.

Getting some groceries and filling up the water jugs at Whole Foods.

Dealing with malfunctions with the dishwasher and sink.

Dinner: Salmon, Couscous, and Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Carrots, and Onions.


The cleaning bug suddenly grips me. I vacuum the living room, the stairs, the hallway, my bedroom, and all the little crevices filled with crumbs and dust. Will comes home from China Wok – I think it's contagious cause he starts cleaning up the dining room floor and kitchen.

Ana arrives home much later than expected but I make sure she gets her dinner plate.

"Will and I have been busy little bees while you were gone."

Sleep 4 a.m.

[i] Joaquin Phoenix – Busy Little Bee.

Sunday October 18 2015

Field of Screams at Hunt Club (October 18 2015)[i]

Waking up at 10:40 a.m.

My mom went to the early church service at our old church and wanted to stop by to join Ana and I for an Oatmeal breakfast. I use the Irish oats and whip up the usual along with Teeccino and Almond Milk.

I've got three rock school sessions today starting at noon.

Somewhere in between I garble down some Peanut Butter Toast, Potato Lentil Curls, an Apple, and Honey Green Tea.

Back home. Settling the mind and relaxing. Napping for fifteen minutes.

Leftover Black Bean Tacos, one for Ana and one for me.

We meet up with Elliott and Michelle at Hunt Club off London Bridge for the haunted festivities: Village of the Dead, Field of Screams, and the haunted hay ride. Ana points out that it feels like high school being here – this place is packed with teenagers with their significant other in their arms. All these haunted walkthroughs are Elliott's thing – he's gonna be in charge of constructing a haunted walkthrough at Toast in Norfolk for Halloween.

Ana Survived the Field of Screams (October 18 2015)

Alpacas at Hunt Club (October 18 2015)

It's a lot to fun. On the drive back home I clear my throat of all the phlegm from laughing so much. I realize these things aren't scary at all cause you're just laughing the whole time – being startled by somebody in a mask is ridiculous and funny.

Back home. I pop some Popcorn and brew Ginger Pear Tea while Ana gobbles up chocolate chips.

Sleep at some point.

[i] Images by me.

Saturday October 17 2015

Lost River[i]

Waking up at 11:18 a.m.

Greek Yogurt with Strawberries. Pu-erh Tea.

Teaching lessons at Music Makers.

Grocery shopping with Ana at the Asian Market and Trader Joe's.

Kevin brought home a big bucket of blue crabs again...

Scrambled Eggs. Wheat Toast with Non-Dairy Cream Cheese. Vegetable Root Chips. Honey Green Tea.

Organizing. Researching.

At The Escape with Ana running a couple miles on the treadmill.

Back home.

To get rid of the stinky crab smell Will pulls out a censer and walks around the house with it spreading frankincense.

Making Black Bean Tacos with Guacamole, Carrots, and Baby Kale. Enjoying them at the table with Will and Ana.

It's not a Monday but it's a movie night. Zoe comes over and joins the three of us in the living room to watch Lost River (2014), Ryan Gosling's directorial debut. Absolutely stunning cinematography. Surreal and dream-like. A modern fairytale set in a desolate Detroit.

At the music space setting up for rock school sessions tomorrow.

Sleep 3:30 a.m.

[i] From Lost River poster.

Friday October 16 2015

Fuji Yama with Ana (October 16 2015)[i]

Ana and I wake up super late, some time after 1:30 p.m. We're both in shock. Whenever we sleep next to each other, and especially in her bed, it's like we're bear hibernating the winter.

Making Oatmeal and brewing Teeccino for us.

It's a dreary rainy chilly day, not the kind of day that gets you pepped up. But we take Vitamin D and head to the Rec for exercise. I run a little on the treadmill then have my hand in basketball pick-up games.

Skin Impressions (October 16 2015)

Banana. Grilled PB&J. Honey Green Tea.

Practicing piano.

Both Ana and I have the whole day off. We head to the music space and make music. I strum the electric guitar while I teach her a bit on how to play the 3-piece drum set. Then we switch roles. It's fun cause we don't really have an agenda – there's no show we need to practice for. We just make music.

And we've decided to not cook any dinner for ourselves. I take us to Fuji Yama, a sushi restaurant near Shore Drive. 


Salmon Avocado Rolls, Vegetable Rolls, Fried Sweet Potato Rolls, Vegetable Tempura, Miso Soup, and Salad. Warm Sake and Green Tea to soothe our cold hands.

Back home. Cuddling with Ana on the bed. She massages my feet and caresses my chest.

ACV and Honey Water.

Watching an old Puss 'n' Boots animated movie from 1969 that I used to watch a lot when I was a boy.

Sleep 3:30 a.m.

[i] Images by me.

Thursday October 15 2015

Cementiscope in Arts District (October 15 2015)[i]

Waking up at 11:08 a.m.

Greek Yogurt with Strawberries and an Orange.

Teaching a couple piano lessons at Music Makers.

Salmon Sandwich with Non-Dairy Cream Cheese and Tomato. Roasted Potatoes. Honey Green Tea. Bosc Pear.

Watching Pressure (2015).

Teaching more lessons at Music Makers.


Leftover Pizza, Salad, and Dinner Roll Muffins.

Heading to Norfolk with Ana and Will for the rock show at The Parlor. Meanwhile, the NEON festival is happening in the arts district – the arts and music culture has really kicked off on this side of town these past few years – it's inspiring to see it all grow. I'm playing tonight with Ladada along with other bands: Seamonster, Breathers, and Reptar. It's cool to see Todd keep his old Seamonster songs alive. He draws a crayon picture of Ana and I...

Ana and I by Todd (October 15 2015)

These other bands from Atlanta put on a stellar show. I lose count of all the synthesizers taking up space on the stage. It's borderline 80's revivalist music.

Breathers at Parlor (October 15 2015)

Ana and I inside Cementiscope in Arts District (October 15 2015)

Back home. Cleaning up the kitchen with Will and Ana. Will mentions how Ana leaves a trail of fruit and nuts everywhere in the house.

Dark Chocolate. Chamomile Tea with ACV.

Within the past few days I've had a small red rash appear on my left arm again – I think it's the same condition I had back at the end of summer: Folliculitis, a bacterial infection. I had to take antibiotics to get rid of it. Now it's returned and I don't know why. I'm keeping it medicated with aloe and a natural Hydrocortisone cream. 

Eventually I join Ana in her bed at 4 a.m.

[i] Images by me.

Wednesday October 14 2015

Kevin's Halloween Costume (Spider-man) (October 14 2015)[i]

Waking up at 11:15 a.m.

Irish Oatmeal with Maple Syrup, Cinnamon, Strawberries, and Kefir. Teeccino with Almond Milk.

Watching American Heist (2014).

Organizing – lesson prepping.

Scrambled Eggs. Wheat Toast with Non-Dairy Cream Cheese. Corn Tortilla Chips with Avocado and Tomatoes. Honey Green Tea.

Teaching a bunch of lessons at Music Makers.

Fuji Apple.

At The Escape running a couple miles.

Back home. Making dinner: Tofu with Kale, Carrots, Onions, and Black Rice.

Continuing to learn Bohemian Rhapsody on piano.



Chamomile Tea with ACV.

Sleep 4 a.m.

[i] Image by Kevin.

Tuesday October 13 2015

Bobby at Ladada Rehearsal (October 13 2015)[i]

Waking up at 11:17 a.m.

Greek Yogurt with Strawberries.

Ana's been a busy little bee. I find her in the kitchen in the process of making pizza dough, muffins, and chocolate music notes for my students. I help out where I can.

Practicing Bohemian Rhapsody.

Grilled PB&J. Lentil Potato Curls. Honey Green Tea. Persimmons.

Teaching a bunch of lessons at Music Makers.

Fuji Apple.

Coaching one of the rock school bands at the music space.

Back home. Ana and I finish up a homemade Pizza with a Baby Kale Salad.

Then, I'm off to the storage unit off Tidewater Drive for Ladada rehearsal with Bobby and Josiah.

Back home.

Enjoying Pineapple.

Sleep 3:30 a.m.

[i] Image by me.

Monday October 12 2015

Addison Piano Student (October 12 2015)[i]

Waking up with a stiff neck in Ana's bed around 11 a.m. We both slept hard. She massages my neck and keeps us warm under the covers.

Homemade Almond Granola Bars. Guayusa Tea.

Organizing. Chores.

Getting groceries at Trader Joe's.

Scrambled Eggs. Wheat Toast with Non-Dairy Cream Cheese. Corn Tortilla Chips with Avocado and Tomatoes. Honey Green Tea.

At Music Makers teaching a string of lessons. Enjoying a Fuji Apple in Between.

Back home. Eating leftovers for dinner: Beans, Quinoa, Rice, Broccoli, Mixed Vegetables, and Dinner Roll Muffins.

At the music space for ELO rehearsal.

Going for a nice bike ride at the oceanfront enjoying Tame Impala's latest album, "Currents". I'm in love with their sound.

Back home. Grapes.

Learning "Bohemian Rhapsody".

Sleep 4 a.m.

[i] Image by me.