On January 20 2010 I started a journaling project in which I would document my daily experiences for a whole year. After the year passed I decided to continue doing this for the rest of my life, or until the time feels right to stop. The rules are simple. Be factual. Be honest. Include diet, dreams, activity, and thoughts. Originally you could read an entry the day after it happened but I've found a number of disadvantages in doing it this way. Now you will find the entries being posted a year behind.

I have faced both criticism and encouragement choosing to make my life public. Through it I’ve learned a great deal about myself. The goal is documentation and creating authentic daily archives.

For the record, not one thing that has been documented is a lie, nor will it ever be. There were occasions I would be asked to leave out names and certain details for the protection of others. And some habitual things, mostly the routine and miniscule, are left out, like brushing my teeth, or taking a shower, or even masturbating. Because I’m human and capable of error, some information might be inaccurate, like forgetting to write that I ate a banana that day or maybe I went to sleep 20 minutes after the stated bedtime.

As much as this is a personal project, I am aware that there are a number of readers that read the blog regularly. I try not to let this knowledge taint the way I write or let it affect the honesty in it. Experiences shared are more valuable than experiences kept to one’s self.

Reflection. Consumption. Productivity. Creature of Habit. Creature of Adventure. What one does with his time is important. Energy should be balanced and priorities made. I’m on a path to enlightenment—the story will go on and on, even after I die.  

A very dear friend of mine who has been involved in my life the majority of the time I've been writing this composed a sort of preface poem that explains it best...

This is your life
with the moods shifting over the landscape
confusion constantly clogging
and all that restless desperation melting into a kind of ember
glazing itself atop the generational mystery known as day to day life
played out here on this little planet known as America

This is that drive home in the backseat after the party
head against the window dreaming of infinity

This is that walk with your best friend when you couldn’t find a single word to say
this is all those letters never written
calls never returned
colors never known

the rush to the head
the lazy tuesday
the highway’s curve

the lost sunset found in the space between heartbeats
the warm kiss
the whiskey and the rain

This is all the songs in the attic
and the frequencies in the basement

chemicals pulsing in the blood stream
sex in the parking lot
faded faces and burning scars

this is dreaming and dancing at the same time
in a reverb heaven of the mind

This is Robert’s Blog

This is your Life

-         Tony Hoyer”

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