LEISA HADDAD: “I feel like it’s great that you’re so open about what’s going on in your life, it’s almost like performance art. Sometimes I think though that it’s starting to identify you too much. You feel obligated to yourself to put these conversations and experiences out there. I don’t know why. Maybe the idea just fascinates you or you have a great need for people to understand what’s going on in your life. I want people to know what goes on in mine but even if I bared everything, I wouldn’t do it all the time. You want to be honest, but do you want everyone to know ever detail of how you feel, including her? Don’t you want people or her to wonder about you, or have a sense of mystery? I do. It’s a balance. You seem like an extremist in that way.”

MICHELLE GROSSMAN: “The reputation, description, or idea of yourself that other people project on you never mean more than the one you project of yourself.

Don't let it.
You're introspective. You'll be more than ok. Compose it all-- show the world.”

ANONYMOUS: “you’re weird.”

ANONYMOUS: You're a pretentious hipster wannabe, a hypocrite hiding behind superfluous post modern prose. Your life is not that interesting. In fact it's pretty pathetic. 

MELANIE TA: “I love this blog, or diary. It reads like a diary. This one seems lonely. That's the feel of it, even though you say you think of the benefits of being literally alone.

By the way, you eat the best foods. LOL”

ANONYMOUS: “Robert- I am truly fascinated by your life.”

BECCA JOY: “i think you've learned how to soak in your day and then access the highlights and details as needed, i also like the focus being positive and matter of fact...although your cryptic open ended writing is intriguing too, i feel like your writing style much reflects your current life attitude.”

KEEGAN EDWARD TRUNG VO: I've been enjoying this deeply personal insight into your life. I find it to be quite beautiful that there's a new story everyday of your life.

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