Thursday October 22 2015

Ana is the Produce Princess (October 22 2015)[i]

Waking up at 11:30 a.m.

Irish Oatmeal with Strawberries, Maple Syrup, Cinnamon, Chia Seeds, and Kefir. Yerba Mate Tea.


Practicing piano.

Scrambled Eggs. Toast with Non-Dairy Cream Cheese. Corn Tortilla Chips with Avocado and Tomato. Honey Green Tea.

Teaching lessons at Music Makers.

At the Great Neck Rec for adult basketball. I have to be on the wait list for the first hour but I make use of my time in the fitness room until they match me up on a team. I think I get about three good games in.

I bring back home two large Pizzas from Whole Foods for Kevin, Ana, and I to indulge in for dinner. They used to be 2 for $20 but I found out they're 2 for $22 now.

"At work they call me the produce princess," she tells me. I try my best to snap a photo of her best "produce princess" look but she thinks her face is fat.

"Oh my goodness, Ana! Stop it. Your face is not fat!"

Practicing DEJA songs at the music space.

Sleep at 4 a.m.

[i] Image by me.

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