Saturday October 3 2015

Child 44[i]

Waking up at 11:16 a.m.

Greek Yogurt with Strawberries and an Orange. Guayusa Tea.

Teaching lessons at Music Makers. Decorating my studio room with purple and orange lights and other Halloween themed bric-a-brac.

Grilled PB&J. Roasted Potatoes. Honey Green Tea. Grapes.

Watching Child 44 (2015).

Researching. Organizing.


Using leftover Beans to make fancy Tacos with.

Ana and I drive across the street to check out an open mic at Blue Ridge Mountain Sports. Music Makers is hosting it. We get up on the stage almost immediately and do a couple of the usual numbers. A couple other girls come up. We all just mesh in and follow each other on the songs we know. It's really awesome what DeeGee and Drew are trying to do in this community. With Music Makers being a mom and pop shop they dedicate themselves to the music scene in Virginia Beach. I'm on board and plan on doing anything I can to help with the vision they have.

Back home. Ana and I enjoy some homemade Chocolate Chips Cookies she baked from last night and finish watching That Sugar Film (2014) together.

Bike riding around the neighborhood.

At Music Makers late at night taking care of all the print jobs I need done like practice sheets, music theory supplements, etc.

Herbal Tea.

Sleep 4 a.m.

[i] From Child 44 (2015).

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