Friday October 16 2015

Fuji Yama with Ana (October 16 2015)[i]

Ana and I wake up super late, some time after 1:30 p.m. We're both in shock. Whenever we sleep next to each other, and especially in her bed, it's like we're bear hibernating the winter.

Making Oatmeal and brewing Teeccino for us.

It's a dreary rainy chilly day, not the kind of day that gets you pepped up. But we take Vitamin D and head to the Rec for exercise. I run a little on the treadmill then have my hand in basketball pick-up games.

Skin Impressions (October 16 2015)

Banana. Grilled PB&J. Honey Green Tea.

Practicing piano.

Both Ana and I have the whole day off. We head to the music space and make music. I strum the electric guitar while I teach her a bit on how to play the 3-piece drum set. Then we switch roles. It's fun cause we don't really have an agenda – there's no show we need to practice for. We just make music.

And we've decided to not cook any dinner for ourselves. I take us to Fuji Yama, a sushi restaurant near Shore Drive. 


Salmon Avocado Rolls, Vegetable Rolls, Fried Sweet Potato Rolls, Vegetable Tempura, Miso Soup, and Salad. Warm Sake and Green Tea to soothe our cold hands.

Back home. Cuddling with Ana on the bed. She massages my feet and caresses my chest.

ACV and Honey Water.

Watching an old Puss 'n' Boots animated movie from 1969 that I used to watch a lot when I was a boy.

Sleep 3:30 a.m.

[i] Images by me.

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