Sunday May 30 2021

Waking up after noon. Ana makes us Waffles for breakfast.


The both of us at Broadway rehearsal at the church. It’s a big dress rehearsal day for the full cast. This is my first time being here for the full run through. We do the Aladdin numbers near the beginning – Ana and I’s first time performing A Whole New World – we did quite well I thought.


Snacking on nuts and lentil curls. Coffee.


Learning little roles I’ll need to take on like moving the piano and setting fake trees. It’s really cool to see the whole thing. There’s so many talented and comical parts.


Ana and I grab a bite to eat at Old Beach Tavern – they had some unexpected big groups and they’re understaffed. But we wait patiently – we’re not the kind of people to cause a scene.

Fish n’ Chips for me.


Back home. Taking care of chores and business.


Chillin’ with Ana – taking the recycle out (things we usually do after midnight). Earlier she was over at Rebecca’s getting help with a headband for her Jasmine costume. I’m glad they’re able to connect.


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