Friday May 7 2021

Waking up around 11:20 a.m.


Michael from Becker’s Piano Tuning comes by to tune the piano at the studio.


Ana and I grab brunch at Commune.

Waffles with Eggs, Strawberry Fritters, and Coffee.


We run errands around town – stopping by Three Ships for a cold brew fill up – Target – Trader Joe’s.


I shoot around some basketball at Lynnhaven – playing a few games of 21 and 2v2 with some guys.


Ana and her cousin, Maya, check out a rodeo out in Suffolk. Meanwhile, I stay home to work on stuff.

Leftover Chicken Pad Thai for dinner.

Watching State of Play (2009).


Catching up on business.


I go to pick up the Music Makers phone/notebook from Rebecca. She lives in the court over from us. We get into conversation about all sorts of things going on at Music Makers and our lives. I’m really glad to have her in the business leading the Broadway program in a cool direction.




Repotting plants.


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