Friday May 5 2023


Bus call is 10 a.m. We all pile into it after Bob gets lost pulling it around from the back.


Breakfast Bar. Tea.


Only a two hour drive to Carmel, Indiana. We’re playing The Center for the Performing Arts, a gargantuan theater, state of the art and new looking. Instead of black everything, it’s all white.



Loading in and setting up the stage. There’s always so much to do.


PB&J with Fruit and Coffee.


The hospitality ladies are amazingly nice and accommodating.


Sound check is pretty normal except for the fact the stage hands built a trust over the strings for the lights – it looks incredible and adds to the architecture of the venue.



Dinner is served: Chicken Stir Fry with Veggies and Rice.


The show is of course sold out – they’ve even got people sitting behind the stage somewhat in the box seats. Every now and then we turn around to acknowledge them. We put on a great performance – the lights look incredible thanks to Micah, our new light guy.



Cleaning up and packing up.


Bob drives us all 5 hours to River City. Meanwhile, we hook up the video from tonight on the big TV’s and critique the show.


At about 4 in the morning we arrive at the River City Casino in St. Louis, Missouri.


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