Wednesday May 10 2023


Waking up just before 9 a.m. at the Air BnB in Colorado Springs. We all have to gather the food and pack up.


Magic Spoon cereal with Tea and a Banana.


We all pile into the bus and thus begin the unforeseen adventure.


First, Bob doesn’t make a wide enough turn somewhere early on and accidently shreds one of the trailer tires. We all work as a team to replace the tire with a spare on the side of the road.


Then, we park at Home Depot – buying a new A/C unit and power inverter. It’s like non-stop work all afternoon working on these projects – I help get the unit installed while Kevin, Ed, and Nigel work on this battery inverter that attaches to the actual battery. Meanwhile, there’s a Mexican food truck nearby – I’m starving.



Then, we have to trek into downtown Denver to return an hdmi decimator we accidently grabbed last night – this whole drive today is magnified by all these side projects we had to get done.


The trip calms down a bit after we start hitting our Love’s stops circuit. Bob stays dedicated at the wheel while we stay busy at our devices or sleep.



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