Sunday May 21 2023

Waking up around 10 a.m. We’ve got no rush to leave the hotel room even though check out is 11. I add on some thoughts to Rebecca about our talks last night that kind of help me understand what’s going on.


Snacking on some Strawberries, a Breakfast Bar, and some Tea before linking up with the rest of the crew at the pool – everybody’s been hanging here all morning.


Hitting the road with Bob at the wheel. It’s God awful hot today and this desert air is super dry so the heat hits different. Our little AC in the back barely helps with the temperature along with all our little box fans. Everybody sweats it out and anticipates the night fall.


Truck stop after truck stop. Eventually, we arrive in Gila Bend, Arizona for a dinner stop. We all enjoy a nice meal at a hole in the wall Italian joint called Little Italy. Nearby, is an abandoned motel with all the old signs still up and also a UFO themed diner that looks interesting enough to buy a mug and snap a pic with the alien mannequin.



Later on, after the night kicks in I suddenly get inspired to cuddle up with Rebecca. We haven’t really been affectionate or physical this whole tour cause of getting sick and the challenges of having enough time for leisurely things.


After a few stops it’s time to grab some zzz’s on the futon and the bunk.


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