Thursday May 4 2023

After some nodding off and half ass napping on the plane I arrive in Cincinnati at 9:30 a.m.


Catching a bus into downtown. It’s beautiful outside.


Walking until I find this Belgium waffle place called Taste of Belgium Over the Rhine. Sitting at the bar enjoying Eggs, Bacon, Hash, a Belgium Waffle, and really good Coffee while gnome decorations watch over me on the wall. The girl at the bar is super nice (Cassie Brendel) – she tells me about some of the sights here. Apparently, I’m only about two blocks from the venue.


After a four day Virginia Beach hiatus I’ve linked back up with the ELO tour. We’re playing Memorial Hall tonight. The bus/trailer pulls up and thus we begin the show day – setting up on the slightly cramped stage. This venue was built in 1909 and has a beautifully lit theater – round and more conducive for non-PA system type things but we make do. It’s like a maze of staircases and corridors.



After sound check, I walk across Washington Park a few blocks over to Vine Street. I really love the city of Cincinnati – it has a unique big city vibe unlike other cities I’ve seen. Krueger Tavern sparks my interest – I even find some of the stage hands there at the bar eating. I order Oysters, Mac n Cheese, and Beet Salad – out of this world food. Then top it off with a Coffee Ice Cream Cone from next door.



Back at the venue. The crowd is almost sold out and the enlightened faces are handshakes away from the foot of the stage. The roar of the crowd fuels our instruments and performance – a magically energetic show.



Packing up is a bit stressful cause of the tight quarters and also the fact we don’t really have strictly crew guys so it takes us a lot longer to break down. We all pile into the bus holding onto everything we own hoping we didn’t leave anything behind.


Checking into the Holiday Inn. Man, this shower feels amazing.


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