Monday May 22 2023

Waking up bright and late in the bunk on the tour bus. We’ve arrived in San Angelo, Texas! Bob drives up to what he thinks is the hotel but to our surprise is a retirement home lol. Next door is the hotel we find out.


Checking in. This place has an atrium with a lot of interesting features like an arcade, playground, pool tables, ping pong, swimming pool, etc.


I take a walk into downtown – buying some coffee and pastries from Longhorn Coffee. Linking up with Rebecca by the Concho River where there’s a river walk full of wildlife like squirrels, wrens, grackles, cranes, and fire ants. We take our time observing the animals, fountains, and all the weird various structures.



Later on, Nigel gives us all dinner money and we go out to The Angry Cactus, a great classy spot not far from the hotel. Shakes from nearby to top it all off.


Back at the hotel in the atrium we all hang out – playing ping pong with Micah and Michael.


I can’t sleep too early so I catch up on things at the computer with a cup of green tea – also trying to get rid of this coughing spell.


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