Tuesday May 16 2023

Waking up at 9:45 a.m.


Everyone is running around packing up and cleaning up the Air BnB – checkout is 11 a.m.


We drive into Portland where the waterfront is to return the bikes but not after a 30 minute ride around town. I stop by Voodoo Donuts and It’s Fried Egg I’m in Love. Getting to see a few of the inner city sights before we head out of town.



Bob and Turbo Phil take the wheel and drive us south of Oregon.


One truck stop after the other. We hit up a Seven Feathers in between a Love’s and a Pilot. This place is like a smaller version of a Buc-ee’s. I buy Turbo Phil a harmonica.


Getting the bus/trailer washed.


At some point we make it to Weed, California, a place aptly named initially after the guy Abner Weed who founded the town but cannot evade the marijuana connotations now. Jimmy is stoked and buys souvenirs. In the distance is Mount Shasta, a massive volcanic mountain considered very sacred to the Native Americans.



A little after midnight we arrive at a Traveler’s Inn in Williams, California – just a place to sleep and shower.


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