Monday May 8 2023


Waking up hot and sunny in the bedroom of this Air BnB in the middle of Colorado Springs.


Enjoying breakfast and camaraderie in the kitchen with the rest of the band. We make plans to get out of here and explore some nature.


I drive us (Edwin, Casey, Jimmy, Rebecca, and Micah) with the bus into Manitou Springs, a small but rich area full of little surprise shops and eats. Spending a few hours mindlessly perusing everywhere from ice cream shops to beignets to witch stores to boutiques.



Then, we drive through what they call “The Garden of the Gods”, a national landmark full of unusual and unique sandstones, a sacred place for thousands of years Indian tribes used to roam. We drive our giant bus through the scenic spots – hiking down – climbing where we’re not supposed to climb and creating great memories.



Back at the BnB, Nigel is grilling up a storm – communal dinner tonight. I warm up the potatoes from the night before. Hanging out and catching up with everyone. Ping Pong downstairs. Fire pit chats. NBA playoff game is on too.


Really feel like I’ve been eating a lot lately – mainly too many sweets.


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