Thursday May 11 2023

Officially awakening at a Love’s somewhere in Montana. I take the wheel at 7:30 a.m. powered by coffee and a breakfast bar.


I’m fortunate enough to get the early day time drive cause it’s really beautiful seeing all the open mountain ranges with cows grazing in the fields. I deejay the music from my phone – forgetting how much of a mood boost music can be just for listening pleasure.


Kevin takes the wheel at the next fuel up. We drive further west into Idaho to pick up Phil, an old friend of Nigel’s, with a limp leg and a fun attitude.


We finally arrive in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, a hop away from Washington. It was a beautiful last leg of the drive, watching all the brooks, rivers, and mountains. And now we can settle into a hotel and stop “moving” for once.


I take a walk up the street to the Natural Grocer for some general groceries I needed.


Helping Bob troubleshoot the power inverter and figuring out which fuse box to replace.


A memorable moment: when I went to visit the pool where Ed and Casey were hanging, Casey points out that there was a bumble bee stuck by the window. I grab a cup to carry him outside – the bee vibrates dramatically, eager to be released – he’s free now to roam.



Later on, a few of us meet up for dinner at Tomato Street across the way, a homey Italian restaurant with blank coloring paper for us to draw on. Enjoying pasta, garlic bread, and wine.



Working out a little bit in the fitness room. A flu of some kind has been passed around – fortunately when it came to me it only lasted a day mostly. But I feel bad cause others are really taking it harder especially Rebecca.


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