Wednesday May 17 2023

Waking up at 8:30 a.m. at the Traveler’s Inn in Williams, California. Bus call time is 9 a.m. but a couple of people are late.


First gas stop takes forever because of a robot smoothie machine. Then, we have to back track for a second gas station and pull over for a pee break.


Zooming through the hills of California trying to get to the venue on time but alas, traffic and all these setbacks set us back.


Finally arriving at the Sunset Theatre in Carmel By The Sea, California. The design of this room is all browns and a unique church-like triangular shell – a first for me. We set up the stage and get things moving along quickly cause we’re late.



At some point I walk around town searching for food and coffee. This town feels like a bougie part of Busch Gardens with a lot of high dollar cafes and clothing stores. Everything is cute here though.


After sound check Rebecca, Ron, and I take stroll down to the beach. It’s surprisingly cold but gorgeous – cypress trees and big birds of all kinds – the seagulls look like high definition versions of ones back east.



It’s showtime – we’re playing to a full house tonight – 750 or so. I’m feeling achy and a sickness coming on. I pop a pain reliever powder Rebecca gave me and push on.



Packing up and loading out. Some of the crew wants to take a night venture to the beach. I hang back and catch up the footage and stuff from tonight. Really trying to fight off this sickness.


Back at the hotel. Settling in for a good night’s rest.


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