Sunday May 14 2023

Waking up pretty early at 10 a.m. from the hotel in the middle of nowhere Washington.



We drive to Portland, Oregon today. Playing at the Revolution Hall, definitely one of the more interesting places we’ve played. It’s an old high school repurposed for conference halls, events, a rooftop bar, and downstairs restaurant. The auditorium is turned into a performance hall.


Setting up the stage and doing sound check – the load in took a bit of time with an elevator situation.



Having some dinner downstairs in the Show Bar. Some of the guys are down here too. Enjoying one of the Vodka slushies and a Beyond Meat Burger/Fries with a Kale Salad.


We finally hit the stage to do the show. Everything sort of starts out normal – not the biggest crowd but nothing we didn’t expect. Stuff starts getting weird again. For some reason Kevin wanted to cut a few songs. He’s been drinking and is losing motivation and any sort of happiness being the lead singer – he literally looks mad up there. He makes a few comments about not wanting to do this anymore back stage. The morale of this band is getting lost. Some of us work really hard (I know I do) and believe in this project. We’re really gonna have to do some thinking. Regardless, we get through the show by skipping a few other songs he didn’t wanna do – no encore.



Packing up and getting out of there.


Checking into the Air BnB 15 minutes away.


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