Saturday May 20 2023

Waking up at 9:10 a.m. – I seemed to have gotten enough sleep.


Piling into the bus/trailer. Slurping up some eggs from the free hotel breakfast with strawberries and a banana.


Taking a nap in the back while Bob and Turbo Phil drive us to Pala, California. All the Californian mountains are still so beautiful.



Arriving at the Pala Casino. Loading in is a bit confusing – just general confusion on how to get gear up to the events center and how to check in. But we manage. It’s just that casinos are always maze-like and takes acclimating.


Getting the stage set up and doing sound check.


Grabbing some Shrimp and Bok Choy dinner in the casino.


The show room is packed out! We perform our two sets back to back without intermission. Lots of good energy. The band is vibin’ and Kevin is thrivin’.



Packing up and loading out.


Linking up with Rebecca, Casey, and Jimmy in one of the restaurants. There’s like half a waiter there and everything takes forever. We spend almost two hours there.


Afterwards, Rebecca and I help Casey out with some relational issues going on – also there was a scare where Edwin locked himself in the hotel bathroom and Casey thought something bad happened. Fortunately, he was just passed out drunk on the floor sleeping and snoring soundly.


Then, Rebecca and I chill out in the room. She brings up some uncomfortable topics about our relations and other things. I’m thrown off my game a little. We talk it through but now I’m feeling despondent. I was really looking forward to some actual leisure time with her non-work related and no stress. But now I just feel bummed out.


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