Friday June 1 2012


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Out in the middle of a field. Stepping out of a helicopter. A sniper in the distance shoots down the two friends who were with me in retribution for something I did a long time ago. I immediately start running as fast as I can towards the direction of the shots. I see my enemy turn around and head into the forest. He’s long gone deep into the trees when I arrive at the perimeter but I follow his shoe prints in the dirt. I have a woman companion suddenly and we continue the chase. We dive into a small lake, water bubbling like a hot spring. It’s understood we can take a shortcut if we swim deeper till we reach the bottom then we can cross through to another lake, like some sort of geographical phenomenon. Things are upside down and then switch after crossing over into what’s known as Lake Lahu. Holding my breath a little longer and then we surface. My woman companion starts floating in mid air in celebration and pride. But it’s too dangerous.

Half whispering I reprimand her, “Stop it! Get back down here. We’re on a manhunt!”

We continue on foot through the forest and come across an upper class neighborhood. Inside the garage. Up the stairs. Second floor. Third floor. Kids playing in their bedrooms. A little girl riding a stand still plastic pony. The sounds of the springs. My old church friend Matt Kreider is here sitting on the couch talking on the phone using a headset.

Me: “Whoa! Hey man. You live here now?”

Matt: “Yeah.”

▬ ○ ☼

Waking up at 1:52 p.m.


Cleaning up the house that’s been left in disarray – the Show N Tell aftermath. Stumbled upon a tagged backyard...


Grilled Cheese with Tomato. Tortilla Chips with Salsa and Avocado. Honey Green Tea.

Watching The Veteran (2011).

To the storage unit and the store. Buying paint thinner.


Attempting to clean off this spray paint. It’s proving difficult. But Jessa, the shining culprit, accepts responsibility and promises to clean this up over the weekend.

In the living room I dim the lights and light a pumpkin scented candle. Putting on some invigorating tunes while I stretch out my body and dance...alone.


Kristin walks in with freaky eyes...

Her: “I have to tell you something spooky. There’s a bug in my fishnets.”

I look down. Lo and behold there’s a creepy crawly stuck behind her fishnets, a palmetto bug that apparently flew into a rip in her stockings on her walk from the car to the house. There it is; it’s back flat on her thigh, wiggling its little antennas and legs in the air. She strips down and we manage to relieve the thing from its nylon prison.

Me: “That was strange.”


We chill out on the couch, music in the background, chatting about things. The topic of spiders comes up...

Me: “Spiders are good. The population of spiders in your house is directly related to the population of bugs in your house. I keep them around.”  

Her: “I don’t like spiders. I mean I like them but I don’t wanna be their friend.”



Darren arrives home and vents to us about his Applebee’s drama. And so it comes full circle, his rant turns into rhetoric on American gluttony and stupidity.


Jenji is back from the beach. I make us all dinner and we sit down at the card table as a friend family.

Barbecue Garlic Salmon. Black Beans. Rice. Mushrooms, Broccoli, Carrots, and Onions.
Sipping on a Leffe Ale.

The conversation is brisk and witty and lively.

Reacting to the sanitary conditions and the disarray in general Kristin says, “How do people survive in this house?”

Now it’s time to make cookies, Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies. Kristin and I look up a recipe using vegetable oil and almond milk. They turn out beautifully gooey and tasty.

Up in my bedroom now. Playful exchange of words – making fun of each other’s behavior and demeanor. She’s remarked on the self-sustainable aspects of my room. When brewing my weekly green or oolong tea I use the “kitchenette”. I have a “bathroomette”, an “officette”, and now a “junglette” because of the fruit basket hanging underneath the loft bed.   

At some point I hop on top of her and immediately allow my desires to engage. I guess you could say we pick up where we left off. Last time it was short lived and I lost my strength real quick. But there’s no second thinking now. I wrap my perky guy up and we transport to our own little sexual heaven. It feels like hours are floating by as we push and pull and turn over and moan. For some reason I can’t release but it’s not necessary. My whole body is numb, my legs, my mouth, my head – I feel high. We lie down next to each other.

Me: “That was fun. I think that should be our official first time.”

Her: “That was so amazing.”

I grab a crate of Blueberries and they make a good after-sex snack.


She realizes something about the relationship...

Her: “I don’t like being the one not in control. You’re like the dominant one.”

Me: “That’s how relationships are though. There has to be the dominant one.”

Her: “But I’m not used to it.”


She’s off to the bathroom. I type a couple of ideas down on the computer. She returns...

Her: “I want you to come lay with me!”

Me: “Wait I have to check my Facebook.”

Her: “Are you in a Portlandia video right now?”

Sleep together around 4:40 a.m.

[i] Danny Espinoza.
[ii] All other images by me.

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