Sunday June 24 2012


Waking up with mild anxiety just after 11:35 a.m.

Orange Juice.

All day shift at China Wok.

My first order on 58th street is a stiff. I don’t understand these uber nice people in big houses that decide it’s okay to give exact change...and then smile about it. Being on the phone with Kristin helps.

Scrambled Eggs with Tomato. Five Guys French Fries with Ketchup. Honey Oolong Tea.

Margot had texted me last night while I was asleep: “I love you still :(” and “Come over and be with me plz” I texted her back this afternoon telling her I fell asleep early. Then she calls apologizing for saying those things and makes clear her intent is not to get back with me.

Me: “It’s okay. You were just having a moment. I understand.”

Her: “Yeah. I was.”

The day continues busily.

I text Margot back, “fyi. I really do have my moments too. being inside you feels warm, refreshing, and like returning home from war.”

I don’t know why I described it that way and I hope saying that doesn’t damper the independence we’ve both developed since we separated. It won’t. Sometimes it’s okay to say sweet things to cheer lone people up. And coming from me it will boost her ego. I think it did because she responds with, “Aw I think that’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever said to me. My heart just melted a lil bit.”

Dutched Cocoa Crème Cookies.         

On and off chatting with Kristin over the phone. She just received a new haircut from her friend Matthew and seems excited about it. The conversation is lively. I make fun of her for driving with one hand and then attempting to carry things into her apartment all the while holding her phone.

Me: “You need a headset, Kristin! I keep telling you.”

Her: “I’m not a nerd like you.”

Me: “Dude! It’s functional. I’m productive! I’m efficient!”

Her: “You’re like the poster child of all those ‘I Love Nerds’ stickers.”

[Shared laughter]

Finally off work.

Broccoli and Snow Peas with Rice.

I head over to Elliott’s place where Stephanie and I rehearse a few songs for You’re Jovian’s CD release show this Thursday. Elliott has me on a vintage synthesizer and Stephanie backing him up on vocals. Vaginasaurs are playing too. I haven’t seen Stef in a few months so it’s a cute little reunion.

Afterwards, I give Stephanie a ride to her boyfriend, Marko’s pad off Chadwick. We get there but his phone isn’t working so I suggest we throw things at his bedroom window to get his attention. At first the pennies don’t work and just bounce right off the screen frame. I find a shoe lying around on the back porch and toss it up with a little more power. [CRASH] Glass shatters.

Me: “Oops! Oh my gosh. I can’t believe I just did that.”

I totally punctured a hole in his window.

Back home.

Settling down with a Yuengling that Darren offered me.

Sleep 3 a.m.

[i] Celtic Arrow. Image by Kristin.

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