Tuesday June 12 2012


Getting out of bed just before noon, officially.

Coffee with Brown Sugar and Almond Milk. Strawberry Cereal Bar.

Elliott picks me up from the house. It’s his birthday and he’s organized a small group of friends to enjoy a fun-filled day at Busch Gardens. We drive to Kempsville to pick up his cousin, Taylor. On the way there we spot three vultures picking around in a grassy yard off the side of the road.

Me: “What are vultures doing in Virginia Beach???”

[Humorous shock]

Me: “That would probably make a great kids movie. Three vultures from Africa stuck in America. They’ll be hanging out at Burger King or something around seagulls...”

Elliott: “Like Hell’s Angels.”


We stop in Norfolk to hook up with Emily, Michelle, Doug, and John Flowers.

In route to Williamsburg – caravanning with two cars.

Peanut Butter Sandwich. Grapes. Orange Juice.

Frustrated with the cardboard texture and flavor of the sandwich, I toss the last of it out the window but aim at Michelle’s car in front of us. It slides across the roof and over the front windshield. This causes a mild laugh riot.


Finally there. Chugging a few beers out of the trunk before we venture into the park. They’ve only got one parking lot open and seem to be at low capacity today, which means minimal wait times for rides. I bought a fun card from someone off Craigslist so I have to register it at the window. The lady gets my information asking if I had a card last year. She pulls up the info and asks if my last name is Valenzuela. That’s Margot’s last name. We came here together last summer and registered our cards under her name for whatever reason. I’m reminded of that time. Feeling a little nostalgic.


Our lively BG crew starts out toward Apollo’s Chariot as our first choice ride. Then, The Flying Machine. Then, DaVinci’s Cradle. Then, Curse of Dark Kastle.

Unfortunately, Busch Garden’s newest rollercoaster, Verbolten, is shut down today for maintenance. We count our losses. The sky is overcast and precipitation gradually falls eventually forming enough rainfall to shut down all outdoor rides. We’re soaked and forced to head back to the cars.


Driving out of the park in search for dinner. We locate a calm pizza joint and dine on Cheese Pizza. Emily purchases her own large pie and eats the whole thing by herself after someone casually bet her she couldn’t. I finish eating and invite John Flowers out to the car. We have a little powwow over a few beers.


The rain has subsided. So we trek back to the park. With only an hour and half till it closes we manage to squeeze in as much thrill riding as possible. The Loch Ness Monster. Alpengeist. The Griffon (two times in a row). Apollo’s Chariot (three times in a row). John Flowers, my partner in crime, and I feel substantially sick now.

Grabbing some confectionaries before we exit and conclude our adventurous day with friends.

Back home.

Chic Peas. Broccoli. Carrots. Dinner Rolls.

The internet connection is being moody, so much that I have to call Cox to figure out a solution. Turns out we needed a signal boost on their end to reset the connection.

All hell breaks loose when a leak in the back of the toilet’s water well is discovered by Darren – water all over the bathroom floor. Whenever Kevin uses the restroom, by habit, he tends to slam the toilet lid up against the back. It is the general consensus that over time this is the reason for the crack. Darren of course has a perfect opportunity and example now to reprimand Kevin for being stupid and irresponsible of his actions. There’s massive yelling between the two of them. I take hold of the situation and stop the leak. Chanticleer will fix this tomorrow and everything will be okay.

Researching rollercoasters.

Sleep sometime around 4 a.m.

[i] The Griffon. Taken by Doug.
[ii] All other images by me.

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