Monday June 18 2012


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A rocky beach terrain. Running across the sandy plains. I turn around to return to where I came from. But a storm has arisen and the ocean water barrages the shoreline with fierce waves – crashing and pushing further and further inland. I try my best to avoid the surging water – jumping and skipping. It’s proving to be a difficult task but eventually I make it to safety.

▬ ○ ☼

Getting out of bed at 11:15 a.m. I wake up to a text from Kristin, “Hi, some of the things you said last night were extremely sweet.”

Me: “oh yeah? I hope they came across as more than just pretty words.”

Her: “They did. They really did.”

Orange Juice. Strawberry Cereal Bar.

All day shift at China Wok.

The Hilltop dragons became too much for me today and I got into an accident. While waiting in a line of traffic near the intersection of Donna Blvd and First Colonial Rd, I busy myself with my phone and shift things around. Out of the corner of my eye I see the light change to green and the cars begin to move. I accelerate and plow directly into the back of a Honda Pilot. Everything happened so fast I can hardly believe the reality of the scene. There’s a spider shaped crack at the top of the windshield where my head slammed. Luckily the visor cushioned the impact and I’m only left with a minor headache. An older guy in his 50’s wearing a suit and a phone attached to his hip stands before me in shock. This yuppie’s probably looking at me in my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt and blue-black shades thinking I’m some punk kid on drugs. I ask for his name but he refuses to really talk to me exclaiming, “it’ll be in the police report.” Really, man? You can’t just be cordial with me? Fortunately for him his only loss was a bumper. But for me it’s another story...the ultimate fender bender...


I was convinced after being accident-free for pretty much my whole life I could slide through my driving career flawless, but the cosmic forces just had to keep my pride in check and remind me that I’m not indestructible.


The whole process goes quickly. A few words with the police officer. A quick tow to Larry’s Import Center around the corner. Enterprise picks me up and sets me up with a rental car. All in a matter of forty minutes. Now I’m back at China Wok...back in action ready to slay any other monstrous dragons that decide to pick a fight.

Grilled Cheese (Soy) with Tomato. Tortilla Chips with Salsa and Avocado. Honey Green Tea.

The day continues like normal except I’m sporting a Chevy HHR instead of my precious wagon. Even though I’m still somewhat shaken up about it I strangely feel relaxed about the whole situation. I’ll have a proper reaction I guess once I hear back on the assessment from my insurance company.

Snacking on Trail Mix.

Kristin stops by and accompanies me on deliveries. She offers some homemade Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins along with a cute little card...

Me: “Aww. This is so great. This is too sweet. Thank you.”

This was incredibly thoughtful of her.


Me: “You are lusciously spooky tonight.”

I’m really appreciative of her moral support.

Finally off work and back home. Darren, Devon, and Tara encourage me to join them for a few drinks down at the oceanfront. At first I decline and pull the “I’ve been working all day” excuse but Darren offers to pay my way and I guess drinking with friends could be a good way to let off some steam. So I hop in the car with everyone. Eating dinner on the way: Shrimp with Broccoli, Snow Peas, Onions, and Rice in Garlic Sauce.


At Baja’s. A round of Yuengling drafts. Then, to 22nd Street Raw Bar & Grille. Two rounds of Natty Light drafts. Smoking a clove and engaging in debates on the biology of intelligence in humans – the idea that everyone has an innate desire to pursue truth and facts...a desire to push through the media-information-blindfold. I’ve drifted into a beer haze at this point. Feeling relaxed and enjoying the company. Tara and I sometimes take a back seat to Darren and Devon debating about said topics because things start to get personal between them. It’s interesting to be hanging out with Tara and we both make mention of the fact that we’ve never been friends. But her and Devon are old buddies. As well she used to be my roommate Edwin’s girlfriend way back in the day at 1623. But here we are sparking a new friendship. 


Back at the house, people gather in Darren’s room. It will be our couch surfers Radar and Monica’s last night with us. We browse through Darren’s music collection and shout out bands/songs we’re dying to listen to. Jupiter, the cat, becomes a staple form of entertainment for us when the green laser pointer is found. Having a few more beers. I’m lying down next to Tara, leaning up against her, halfway cuddling. It seems to respond well to her liking. But everything here is casual and laid back.

It’s past 4 a.m. I’ve had my fill of social angst and migrate to my bedroom. I invite Tara. We lie down together and drift off to sleep after a good cuddle session. I feel a little guilty because of my ties with Kristin but I don’t feel I’m crossing any boundaries. But the lines are grey and blurry. This should be my life right now. I need to be single and free. It’s been an adventurous day of turmoil and beauty.

[i] All images by me.

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