Thursday May 31 2012


Waking up around 2 p.m. Too late for my taste.

You’re sleeping the day away mister

...only to live the night awake missy.

Getting my flat tire fixed – turns out it was only a nail. A simple patch-up will do.


At the house. The walls are reverberating with anticipation. Jenji blares Rastafarian tunes on the speaker. Cleaning up the spaces. Setting up the PA. Exercising.

Strawberries. Dark Chocolate Bar filled with Cookie Spread.

Working on a few songs in my room.


Meanwhile the house fills up to the brim with Show N Tellers...

Show N Tell will never die. Until we all get old, too old to get live. We’ll simply separate and continue leading fantastic lives. Some of us may end up famous musicians. Artists. Inventors. A few of us will write books...A lot of us will never quit drinking and, henceforth, lead miserable lives pretending to have as much talent as Bukowski didn’t.

Some long-haired kid starts banging on the piano and instigates the loudest sing-a-long I’ve ever heard at this house...

Ginger Peanut Noodles with Egg and Spinach.

After party at Rick’s...

Apple Pie Ala Mode.

Sleep 4:30 a.m.

[i] All images by me.

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