Thursday May 10 2012


Waking up at noon.

Quaker Brown Sugar Cinnamon Breakfast Bar. Orange Juice.

The mission for today is to move two pianos of mine. Becca’s dad offers his pickup truck. I corral Darren, Kevin, Tim, and Art to help out. We take the in-tune upright and transport it to the house. And then the other not-so-in-tune upright (manufactured in 1921) and transport it to the new storage space I’ll be sharing with Josiah.  

I reward everyone with Chanello’s Pizzas and 24 packs of Rolling Rock beers.

I sit down at the piano and fumble through some of the old classical songs I used to know.

Settling down in my bedroom – decompressing after all that moving around.

Lentils with Broccoli, Carrots, and Rice. Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar. Honey Oolong Tea.

Watching Shrink (2009).

While watching the movie I suddenly experience a surge of inspiration to gather all the paints and materials I can find and make art. I invite James Graves and Tim to join in. Tim adds his own materials. Pastels. Acrylics. Markers. Crayons. I find sheet music for a country song I used to actually love when I was younger called “Don’t Take the Girl”. I decide to give it some color and shape...

“I’m taking one of the best country songs ever written and illustrating it!”

Chen, our couch surfer, draws out Chinese characters for us.

James and Chen hand paint on the piano. We decide that painting the piano should be an on-going project.


The night dwindles down and I find myself not returning to my cave. Instead I’d rather stay here amongst the community. Eventually I enjoy my own personal solace with the music rumbling in the background.

Darren’s waiting for his friend Tabitha to come over so I hang out for a bit with him.

Me: “Well, I’ve been clean for three days.”

Darren: “You mean you haven’t talked to Margot.”

Me: “Yeah. Until now. She just texted me. But I didn’t respond yet.”

[Text message]

Her: “I miss you.”

I settle down in bed at a pretty late hour...just past 4 a.m.

[i] All images by me.

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