Wednesday April 6 2022


Waking up in Akron, Ohio.


Grabbing a breakfast bar and making a hot tea in the lobby.


Over at the venue on the Akron University campus. There’s many things to do – setting up the stage and problem solving all the sound issues – plugging in cables – changing batteries – locating all the things Nigel lost – positioning mics – getting merch set up – getting cameras set up.


Sound check takes a long time but it’s essentially a short practice time for us since we haven’t played these tunes since the last tour.


Decent catering tonight for dinner.


I find a rehearsal room on the lowest floor to practice some piano in.


Then, it’s show time for Evil Woman – The American ELO – not a full house but a very nice theater room. The PA goes out towards the end of the second set but they manage to crank it back on somehow. Also, we deal with a lot of signal issues on wireless packs – and the obvious hiccups on songs here and there.



Afterwards, we do a meet and greet with some of the audience. Then, packing up the stage and loading up the trailer.


Nearby the hotel with Rebecca, Ron, and Mike at Luigi’s, this awesome hole in the wall pizza joint that’s open late. This place has a 50’s diner/Italian vibe with an elaborate mural on the wall and a puppet “Band Box” that plays every time you choose a CD selection on the jukebox. A lot of locals hang in here. Sharing cheesy plates of pizza slices and enjoying the atmosphere.



Back in the hotel room. Rebecca and I hang out watching footage I got from the show – critiquing and laughing at all the things that went wrong.


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