Sunday April 24 2022

Waking up bright and early at 8 a.m. Lobby call is 9 a.m.


We actually make it on time for breakfast. Filling up on some eggs, a biscuit, and oatmeal.


Hitting the road in the minivan with Mike, Ron, Rebecca, and myself. Bye Sheboygan, Wisconsin!


Chilling in the back – napping – stopping by Culver’s for lunch.


It’s a long, long 15 hour or so drive. Ron and Mike take most of the main driving shifts. Rebecca and I hole up in the back getting some work done. We stop quite a few times here and there.


PB&J Pita. Plantain Chips. Coffee.


Continuing the drive – finding ways to entertain ourselves with Mike’s quick witted humor and Ron’s playful sarcasm.


At some point I take over the wheel and lead the home stretch.


Finally dropping off everybody and settling back in at home around 3 a.m.


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