Saturday April 30 2022


Waking up around 11 or so a.m. in the hotel room of the Resorts Casino in Atlantic City.


Showering up and grabbing brunch with Rebecca at Breadstix, a mediocre diner food place but the eggs and French toast aren’t bad.


Perusing the boardwalk, which is actually made of wood planks – this place reminds me of an alternate reality of Virginia Beach’s oceanfront. We find an arcade and go-kart track.



Then, time to set up the stage for the big show tonight. Sound check – deal with lighting issues and sound issues. Then moving on...


It’s a maze backstage trying to locate the employee cafeteria where we can get dinner for free. It’s actually not bad food surprisingly – this room is apparently open 24 hours a day cause it’s designed for all the employees and workers at the resort.


Strapping on our show attire and hopping up on the stage to perform for a sold out room as The American ELO. We run into a few technical mishaps but that’s to be expected – Kevin’s guitar falls over and needs a battery changed – Rebecca’s in-ear monitors go out for the second half of the show – Ron’s wireless guitar goes out and he changes to a cable. But of course all of this goes unnoticed to the general audience.



Out at the merch table getting hundreds of photos on people’s phones and accepting compliments. There’s always some interesting fans to talk to – one guy actually goes through the effort of dressing up like Jeff Lynne.


After the stage/merch/trailer gets packed up we link up with a group to scour the food court in the casino for late night sustenance – a dinette called Ruby’s serves solid shoestring fries. Then, with Rebecca, Jimmy A., Edwin, and Casey taking a stroll into the Hard Rock Café for Gelato and your generic shenanigans.


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