Sunday April 10 2022

Waking up bright and early at 8ish a.m. in a hotel room in Jackson, Michigan. Our van has to leave at 9 a.m. so we can hit the road as early as possible.


Mike and Ron take the wheel while Rebecca and I attempt to nap on the floor. This van has a magical feature to completely hide away the seats in the floorboard.


Eating a Cinnamon Roll and an Orange with Tea.


More driving – catching up on things on the computer – organizing photos and writing.


We stop at a truck plaza for food but we’re limited to all the lower grade eatery options. I settle on some pickled Snap Peas and Pita Chips with Peanut Butter. Coincidentally, the van/trailer crew also end up at the same stop as us.


Back on the road – the guys in the back this time while Rebecca takes the wheel. I sit in the passenger seat contemplating – she’s got some easy going instrumental music going – I realize the closer we get to home the more I’m gonna have to face some serious changes in my life. I still love Ana – her and I have a longstanding bond and it terrifies me to let her go. I really don’t know what to do. Whichever way I go will it be the right one? I’ll have to face the music eventually.


Finally arriving home to VB. The van and trailer crew just arrived at the warehouse too around the same time we did. We say our goodbyes. 


Back home. I unpack – shower – warm up some dinner. Ana is just getting off work – later we really get into it – she starts a conversation about how she’s tired of this relationship and arguing all the time – we have an endearing moment when she cries and I explain how I actually have been sad about us. We’re both at a loss.


Doing chores and cleaning up the kitchen.


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