Thursday April 21 2022

Waking up on and off on the futon mattress in the back of the minivan. Casey was driving, now Rebecca is. Meanwhile, Nancy is on some kind of Florida by-laws meeting on her phone that lasts about 3 hours. The van stops here and there while I try to catch some zzz’s.


Breakfast Bar. Tea.


Somewhere along the way to the Chicago area we stop at a turnpike gas station. Making sandwiches for lunch.


Rebecca really holds it down as the driver all the way until St. Charles, Illinois.


Checking into the hotel.


Linking up with the crew for dinner at Giordano’s, an Italian place that serves Chicago style deep dish pizzas. We all congregate at the long table enjoying the tasty salads and ultra cheesy pizzas, seriously like 80% cheese and 20% everything else.



Back at the hotel we corral a pool party. Rebecca, Jimmy the Greek, Edwin, Casey, and myself hang out and entertain ourselves with the pool tools.



Later on, back in the hotel room.


I sit at the computer and ponder the direction I’m heading and choosing to live in. Meanwhile, some smooth relaxing jazz is playing on my phone. I’ve really dived into this and I don’t think I can turn back.


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