Sunday April 3 2022


Waking up at 12:10 p.m.


Breakfast Bar. Tea.


Big show day at Elevation 27 – the Music Makers LIVE show is happening whether we’re ready or not. Andrew and I load everything onto the stage and start setting up. Ryan and Link (sound and monitor guys) are here early like us making sure we get everything done. Meanwhile, Rebecca sets up the merch table.


Of course there’s always so much to do before hit time. Finally, the bands start performing their stuff. I’m always so proud of every single student, child and adult alike. Even though there’s always a mistake or two (they’re bound to happen) every band always picks right back up and keeps going till the song is done. The kids band got to do that Rick Roll song “Never Gonna Give You Up” – I even had a video display on the projection screen during the song and it was perfect.


Break down time goes by quickly with help. Andrew, Rebecca, and I take everything over to Music Makers and shove it all inside.


Afterwards, Rebecca and I grab some dinner at Las Palmas down the street. Filling up on Tuna Tacos and Chips n Guac. Every time I’m in here the employees are always on their toes working fast and slinging the food out. Her and I recap on all the good and bad from the show.


Then, more organizing at the studio.


Later on, finally back at home. Recollecting myself and doing chores.


Ana and I get into a deep discussion about the relationship. She’s ready to throw in the towel – she keeps saying I don’t care and stuff like I just wanna be with someone who wants to be with me. I’m so exhausted from these conversations. I do love her and want to fix things but theses sleepless nights are doing a number on us.


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