Saturday April 23 2022


Waking up around 11: a.m. after sleeping in a wonderfully cozy hotel bed.


Breakfast Bar. Tea.


Driving into downtown Sheboygan, Wisconsin – we’re playing at a beautiful theater tonight called The Weill Center for Performing Arts – similar character and style from last night’s gig but on a grander scale and with a neoclassical vibe.


Setting up the stage and fixing up the camera. Of course there’s always so much to do to get the show ready.



Sound check.


For dinner we get a BBQ catering.


I take a walk around the block and discover some cool monuments and gardens.



Showtime! We put on a great show honestly. At some point during intermission Nigel and Phil (the front of house sound guy) have a big fight/argument, and really for no reason. They talk it out like they always do. The crowd is absolutely floored by the show. We meet and greet out in the lobby and it’s a madhouse. But it’s always fun and exciting to hear all the compliments – a lot of honest and genuine ones too. We get picture after picture taken of us.



Back at the hotel – normally we’d hang out with a few people for a workout party but not tonight. Rebecca and I are exhausted. Catching up on the footage from the day and relaxing.


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