Thursday April 7 2022


My purple Camry is parked near a dock – a group of teenagers parade around and start cramming themselves into the car. For some reason even though this car belongs to me it’s also understood this other car is mine. And the kids decide to ram into it causing a big dent in the front. I get livid and start pulling the kids out of the Camry angrily one by one. They’re all laughing and not paying any mind to me. Some of them start punching me but not enough to hurt. The whole situation is annoying and uncomfortable.


King size bed in the middle of a tall room with glass walls. A big plant sitting next to Rebecca and I while we’re hanging out. I’m handling two bags filled to the brim with water. For some reason there’s two hard boiled eggs at the bottom of one. I decide to quench the thirst of the plant – the soil is dry anyway. Meanwhile, there’s a Spaghetti Western movie we’re watching about an artist living somewhere in Mexico.



Waking up officially at 11:30 a.m. after the snooze goes off a bunch of times. 


Getting ready and linking up with everyone in the lobby.

Breakfast Bar. Banana. Tea.


Our soccer mom van hits the road – finding a Culver’s and grabbing lunch: Cod Fish Sandwich with Fries.


We make a detour for Mike to visit his childhood home somewhere in a neighborhood on the way. He says he remembers being 6 years old watching The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan show and from then on he wanted to play guitar. It’s a heartwarming moment for him and we film it all!


Finally arriving in Dearborn, Michigan, right next door to Detroit. I take a breather in my room catching up on things at the computer.


Pool time!



Then, we all go out to dinner at a Middle Eastern place called Cedarland. Hummus Platters, Spinach Salads, and Falafels. Afterwards, Rebecca and I stumble upon a popping gelato place. This particular part of town is a big Muslim community and Ramadan is being celebrated. We grab 4 flavors between the two of us.


Back at the hotel – a bunch of people are partying in the pool – you can just be walking in the hallway and run into any one of our crew at any moment.


Jimmy the Greek, Rebecca, and I take over the fitness room and do all kinds of things to burn off everything we consumed throughout the night. Dance – stretch – skits – workout.


Later on, I hang out with Rebecca in her room. We watch Tick Tick Boom (2022) the new Netflix musical about Jonathan Larson, the writer of Rent. We lie on an uncomfortable couch the entire time but it’s really good. 


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