Friday April 22 2022

Waking up in the most comfortable cloud of a bed.


Breakfast Bar. Tea.


Checking into the venue in downtown St. Charles, Illinois. The Arcada Theatre. This place was built back in 1926 and has a rich history of many performers and famous historical figures like Al Capone and Charlie Chaplain. Above the theatre itself is a thriving “speakeasy” full of 1920’s décor and rooms – complete with a Chicago blues band in the corner.



Setting up the stage and figuring out all the logistics. Sound check goes smooth. Hospitality down below is fantastic – they have a few super nice ladies making sure everyone is taken care of – pasta and ravioli is superb.


While signing some of band posters I notice today’s date is April 22 2022. And earlier the room number is 222.


The most delicious chocolate cake is served and we all sing Happy Birthday to Kevin.


After 8:30 Evil Woman – The American ELO puts on our show – two sets of all the greatest hits. The crowd’s energy always makes it all worth it. How their faces light up with joy during the whole performance. Afterwards, we always do a meet and greet, which can be rewarding. Some of these people are complete and total fans of ELO, been following them since the 70’s. Signing autographs and getting a thousand pictures.



Loading out and packing up then driving a few hours to Sheboygan – checking into the hotel somehow the room number once again has 2’s in it (322).


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