Wednesday July 13 2022

Waking up at the illegal time of 9:35 a.m.


Linking up at the warehouse – Nigel is here supervising Carlos and Dante to construct a new wood rack to hold the luggage and new lights. Of course, last minute tasks are a normal thing in this band. I help pull out nails from the 2x4’s.


Eventually, we hit the road in route to Ohio. Rebecca takes the wheel while I get a bunch of business done in the passenger seat. Jimmy Wiseman, Ed, and Casey in the back. Soccer Mom Van reformed.


PB&J. Pickled Eggs. French Fries. Coffee.


At some point I pick up the driving shift – hot sun splashing down on my left side. Rebecca handles all kinds of ELO business in the passenger seat.


We make it to Gallipolis, Ohio, a small town with a banging Italian restaurant called Tuscany. Ed, Casey, Rebecca, and I chow down on some pasta. Funnily enough Ed points out the flashing red OPEN PASTA sign resembles the Stranger Things logo so we film a parody of the intro sequence.


Then, we find out we’re right around the corner from Point Pleasant, the birthplace of the legendary Mothman. We drive into the haunted town. Taking a stroll along the bank of the Ohio River entertaining ourselves. Meeting a couple of dudes walking their German Shepherd pup. One of them named George Hunt explains the whole town is haunted and says you can hear war sounds like gun shots and canons go off after 1 a.m. He seemed very interested in telling us everything he knew. We snap a few photos of the Mothman statue and drive on.



Arriving in Kettering, Ohio – Courtyard Marriott. All the outside lights are out making it difficult to even distinguish.

Ron jokes, “And we’ll even leave the lights off for ya!”

Finally in the hotel room and unwinding. Watching a Stranger Things episode.


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