Friday July 22 2022


Waking up at 10:30 a.m. in a Double Tree hotel room in Rockland, New Hampshire.


Piling into the vans and heading out. Everyone wants to stop by this dispensary. Mike and I join the crew inside – it looks like a jewelry store with glass display cases but for marijuana and cbd related things. I purchase some gummies.


At the South Shore Music Circus in Cohasset, Massachusetts. This place has a lot of history – been around for 70 years or so. Complete with a rotating stage right in the center of the tent – we don’t make use of it though for practical reasons.



Setting up the stage and organizing everything. Meanwhile, it’s awfully hot out!


The catered meal is absolutely amazing: Salmon with Veggies, Ravioli, and a Salad.


The show starts up like normal with amazing energy from the crowd and us performing the songs swimmingly. But the tracks started screwing up cause there were some last minute changes on the laptop. It wasn’t as obvious to the audience as it was to us. Then, after intermission things really seem many things. Kevin’s shades broke and Jimmy the Greek was being summoned to the stage so many times. Some drinking and medicating caused a bad reputation with the owner and venue crew.



Packing up the stage and dressing rooms was stressful cause they were really pressuring us to get out of there.


Long discussion on the drive to the hotel in the soccer mom van with Mike, Ron, and Rebecca.


At the hotel – it seems like in the middle of nowhere. A nice man working for tomorrow’s event helps us get settled in.


Later on outside I have a one on one conversation with Phil about all the grievances and observations from the show. Then later with Nigel.


Up pretty late enjoying the 68 degree night air.



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