Friday July 15 2022

Waking up around 11 a.m. at a Comfort Inn in Van Wert, Ohio.


Pickled Eggs. Banana. Tea.


Driving over to the venue in downtown Van Wert, a small amphitheatre in a park right in the heart of the town.


The sun was out with partly cloudy skies while we set up the stage but soon after sound check we discover rain clouds forming. Nigel went out and bought a bunch of tarps and clamps to cover any exposed parts of the stage.


They walk us over to a hole in the wall pizza place called Wild Willy’s, inspired by Buffalo Bill I assume.

Enjoying a decent Pizza.



Then, we all hang around under the awnings until the rain subsides.


We still have to adjust the positioning of myself and Nigel’s keyboard rig and pull the mics back. But eventually we hit the space bar and start the show. Despite the little bit of rain people fill the lawn all over with umbrellas. A dance floor opens up towards the end of the set. It really feels like playing at the 31st Street stage back home. I always love and hate outside shows. They’re unpredictable but also I can’t help but feel like I’m living a dream playing music outside surrounded by nature and old buildings.


Everybody pitches in post show and we get everything packed up very quickly.



Back at the hotel. Settling in. Rebecca and I watch another episode of Stranger Things.


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