Sunday July 17 2022


Waking up around 9 a.m. in Decatur, Illinois. Lobby call for the band is 9:30.


We all pile into our respective vans and hit the road. I take the first driving shift for the soccer mom van.


Breakfast Bar. Coffee.


While I drive and drive and drive, Rebecca sits in the passenger seat, Jimmy in the back, then Casey and Ed in the bed.


At some point we locate a Culver’s for lunch. This is always our go-to joint on every trip (when we can find one).



Switching up the wheel. Rebecca takes over while I get all kinds of work done at the computer.


You see so many crazy things on the road, like a semi truck on in flames.


After Casey and Ed take over the driving it starts raining persistently. Meanwhile, Rebecca and I catch up on Stranger Things.



PB&J. Tortilla Chips.


After a bunch of pee and smoke breaks we finally arrive at the warehouse about 4 in the morning.


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