Friday July 1 2022

Waking up around 11:30 a.m.


Breakfast Bar. Tea.


Coaching the kid band at 1 – sometimes they’re a little hard to handle cause they have so much pent up energy.


Plum. Banana.


Talking with Madelaine at the front desk and doing various things.


Running errands.


Eggs. Spinach. Sweet Potato. Coffee. Bagel.

Watching Spiderhead (2022).


Catching up on all kinds of business.


At the warehouse gathering my keyboard rig and fixing a couple things with the merch rack.


At the studio setting up the 104 space for a band practice tomorrow.


Back home. Warming up some dinner: Pizza slice, Peas, Rice, Baby Broccoli.


Back at the studio setting up the room.


Fruit snack.


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