Monday July 25 2022

Waking up bright and early at 8:30 in the weird smelling hotel room at the Best Western somewhere in New England. We bring up the mold we spotted to the manager at the front desk. They said they could compensate us for the trouble.


We hit the road – dropping our luggage off in the trailer that the big van is towing.


Mike and Ron take the front driving us through New York while Rebecca and I attempt to nap in the back.


Breakfast Bar. Coffee.


More driving and driving. Dealing with quite the rain storm on the New Jersey Turnpike. We pick up Jimmy Wiseman off one of the exits.


Dunkin stop: Egg, Tomato, and Pesto Sandwich.


At some point we make the switch – Rebecca drives while I sit in the passenger seat playing all the show footage from the weekend. We poke fun at all the weird and funny moments.


Finally arriving in Virginia Beach!


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