Saturday July 16 2022

Waking up not so bright and early at 6:30 a.m. in Van Wert, Ohio. Lobby call is 6:50.


Pilling all the luggage and everyone in the vans – it’s pouring down rain like crazy. I cozy up in the back of the van, plug in my headphones, and drift off to sleep. Mike and Edwin drive the 5 hour trek to Decatur, Illinois.


We all link up at a Taqueria restaurant in Decatur right across the street from an industrial plant. Nigel buys lunch for us all.



Arriving at the Devon Lakeshore Amphitheater, right next to Lake Decatur – ducks wobble around the break – people fishing and jet skis zooming.


Setting up the stage and getting acclimated to the venue.


Sound check goes smoothly. Then, we get checked into the hotel. Relaxing and catching up on computer things.


Then, at the venue we all enjoy some food truck goodness for dinner. Chicken and Mac with Cole Slaw, Cheesecake Brownies, and Frescas. It’s a beautiful out by the water – almost feels like a cookout.



The amphitheater fills out all the seats and lawn area. We actually have an opener, some band called Deja Voodoo – they play all the hits. Then, we gear up to perform our two sets. It’s ungodly hot even though it’s night time by now – all of us sweat heavily after the first song and especially having to wear all our dress pants and shirts. Meanwhile, bugs of all kind flutter around our heads, appropriately as we sing “Jungle”. Even amidst the stress before and after the shows I often have to remind myself that I do this for a living.



After the show meeting and greeting a few of the audience out by the merch. They always have such encouraging things to say. Then, packing up the stage.


Settling back in the hotel room.


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