Sunday July 24 2022

Waking up at 8:30 a.m. in the same hotel as last night. I’m still feeling a lingering high from last night...I think?


The Soccer Mom Van (Rebecca, myself, Mike, and Ron) make the 3 hour drive to Hyannis, Massachusetts. Making a bagel stop at a place called Bay Gulls. Then, a grocery stop.


At the Cape Cod Melody Tent, which is almost similar to the circus show we played a few days ago – rotating stage and same venue crew from last time. We all need to be on our best behavior cause we’re having to make up for all the difficulties from the other night.


Sound check doesn’t exactly go smoothly. We have some issues with the sub snake that connects all our channels and some things weren’t patched correctly. Then there’s pressure coming from one of the big venue guys and that in return offends Phil. It just all accumulates. But as a big family we figure out all the issues and gather our senses.


The hospitality ladies are wonderful to us. Dinner is served: Teriyaki Chicken with Rice and Veggies. We also brought root beer and ice cream to give to Nancy cause it’s her birthday. Everyone sings – she really appreciates it – a nice band family moment.


Despite all the stress and nonsense we had to deal with at sound check, the show goes pretty swimmingly – we have a great time on that small circular stage – great energy and awe from the audience.


Packing up the stage and everything. The venue guys are a great help.


Driving an hour to the hotel. We discover the Best Western that was supposed to have 10 rooms only has 6 causing some of our group to drive to another hotel for 4 rooms. The whole thing is ridiculous and just another wrench in the machine. Then, we discover the horrible smell and black mold on the walls. We can’t make this stuff up.


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