Tuesday March 6 2012


DREAM: I’m wearing Middle Eastern style attire, a tunic and a cloak, along with some really baggy jeans, like the kind I would’ve worn in high school when I thought it was cool. I jump out of a window in the middle of New York City and start running down the street. In my mind I’m escaping from danger...from someone. Along the way I pass shady characters bumming on the corners and steps and alleyways. I’m alert and ready to protect myself from any one of them who’d even try to attack...but no one does. I keep running...

Waking up at 1:11 a.m.

Anthony texts me: "...I had a strange dream about returning to 1435. the atmosphere was odd...tones had been shifted...shades inverted...there was however a beautiful new redhead who i fell in love with..."

Hot Cinnamon Oat Bran with Brown Sugar, Flax Seed, Blueberries, and Coconut Milk. Orange Juice. Zinc (50 mg).

Errands. Groceries.

Grilled Cheese with Tomato and Hummus. Potato Chip Trio. Honey Green Tea.

Going to a store called Just Laptops and talking to someone there. Figuring out that the reason my laptop isn’t staying powered on is because I’m missing the ground prong on the adaptor.

I get a call from Anthony. He’s talking in his serious evasive voice. Apparently one of his uncles is on his deathbed and he’ll be flying into Norfolk tonight. He wants me to pick him up but also keep his arrival on the extreme down low. He’s just not prepared to see everyone all at once especially in this time of loss.

Vaginasaurs have a show tonight at Path along with Wesley’s project Suburban Living, James Nee’s project We Are Trees, and a band from Pittsburgh called Psychic Boots. There’s a lot of pressure in the air on keeping the volume levels down because Path had noise complaints the night before with another show. And we’re on a shorter time constraint, having to fit four acts in less than two hours. But we do it anyway with 20-minute sets and good cheer.

Vegan BBQ Sandwich with an Almond, Apple, and Grape Fruit Salad.

I stop by Wesley’s apartment for a little bit where him, Elliott, James Nee, and a friend of his are tuning into an episode of Quantum Leap.

Then, heading to the airport to pick up Anthony. I’m right on time pulling up to the arrivals. There he is with the hitchhiker’s thumb out, both of us smiling when our eyes meet. We have a certain kinship that can’t be described and an understanding that can’t really be compared. On the drive to his parent’s house in Ocean Lakes we catch up briefly on the goings and comings of life at 1435 and his travel experiences. He’ll be here for ten days but he doesn’t want people to know he’s here just yet. He promises me a game of basketball though.

Back home. We invited the touring band over for beer and a place to sleep. Sharing Popcorn, Strawberry Yogurt, and PBR’s.

Organizing photos and writing now that I have my laptop up and running.

Sleep at some point.

[i] All images by me.

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