Monday March 19 2012


DREAM: I’m performing this feat in a field with two other people where we have to tip toe across a wire and land on a swinging sheet that’s symbolic of a time continuum. Later, in conversation with a man who is understood to have a higher intellect and power. He explains that, “It’s all about the Mega Earth!”
I run away from him and his underlings and his giant robots. While I make my get away I notice how unusually big my surroundings are. The trees colossal. The grass almost taller than me. Woodland creatures matching my size. It’s understood that I’m a mouse. I jump up and flap my little arms in order to fly. I gain altitude slowly...up and over a wall that leads directly into someone’s backyard. I scurry into the basement with my other mouse friends. We’re all still very scared and afraid for our lives...

“We need a place to hide!”

Alarm goes off a few minutes before 11 a.m. but I find myself waking up thirty minutes after. My head is heavy and I feel gross. I’m late for work.

All day shift at China Wok.


Driving down Old Virginia Beach Road to deliver an order on Piper’s Crescent. I spot two teenagers; a girl and a boy, sitting peacefully in the shade of trees and honey suckle bushes. They appear to be in love and upon passing them a second time I see the boy draw closer into the girl’s space. Just behind them is the hustle and bustle of the interstate, which doesn’t seem to bother their romantic moment. I wish I could film this.

Super Sonic Breakfast Burrito (Egg, Cheese, Jalapenos, Tomatoes, and Tater Tots). Orange Juice.

Delivering an order to the military housing near Birdneck and General Booth. Two young adult black girls answer the door. One of them has on a Power Rangers sweatshirt.

Me: “I like your shirt.”

Her: “Thanks.”

Her friend asks me, “So how’s the workin’ life?

Me: “ smell like Chinese food all day.”

Her: “I work at McDonalds so I smell like Big Macs and fries all day.”

Me: “I guess that’s worse. I don’t know.”

Down at the oceanfront there’s a hovering mist in the air covering most of the tall buildings...a sunny haze.

Peanut Butter Bagel. Pomegranate Cherry Ade.

Steady driving...

Delivering an order to The Cavalier hotel, the new one. The cute girl clerk informs me the hotel is empty meaning not one room is occupied.

“Wow. That’s crazy. I didn’t think that happened.”

Settling down back at home with dinner...

Tofu and Mixed Vegetables in Garlic Sauce with Rice.

Finishing Incendiary (2008).

My fortune cookie: “Welcome change.”

Doing some chores and doing the dishes.

I drop off some patio chairs to Margot’s place. She had me keep them in my car earlier today. Her ear is still hurting and she seems to be stressed out about our situation. I don’t stay long but when I leave she texts me...

Her: “Hey I’m really frustrated about our situation. I’d like to not talk or see you until my party. Thanks for bringing over my chairs.”

Me: “why? what are you trying to accomplish?”

Her: “Just space to figure some things out.”

Me: “okay.”

Her: “You should figure out some things too.”

Me: “okay.”

I’m starting to experience the beginning of that dreadful unwanted distant feeling. In this case distance does not make the heart grow fonder. I fear it will do the opposite. I’ve hit my fondest with her...many times before. This could be a good thing. But my mind wanders with ugly scenes and disturbing images of Margot, my queen, my kitty, opening up to another...eating up the flattery of some undeserving prick of a man that only sees candy. It’s too early to be dwelling on these things. But I’ll have to face these possibilities soon...maybe.

Sleep 3:30 a.m.

[i] Sunny Haze. Image by me.

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