Monday March 5 2012


DREAM: I’m with a friend who might be Darren. He suggests we put a pad lock on this dumpster we frequently throw our garbage into. I dig around in the center console of my car and realize I have quite a collection of locks. I pick one out and attempt to lock up the dumpster lids in the parking lot but the container is so rusted and worn out it proves useless. And the hole where the lock would go doesn’t even fit. I become aware that this is a futile and pointless endeavor and drop everything I’m doing. Darren and I turn around to find Donald Trump and a TV crew approaching. Someone pours a huge barrel of champagne all over the ground. For some reason it’s understood people are supposed to dance in the middle of this for the TV show as entertainment, so I do my thing...

Waking up a little before 11 a.m. It’s cold in her room.

Instant Oatmeal. Orange Juice. Zinc (50mg).

All day shift at China Wok.

On the down time I configure monies from The V-saurs tour. If it wasn’t for that flipping parking ticket in Baltimore we actually would’ve broke even with $15 to spare. So instead we’re in debt about $60, which isn’t that terrible split three ways. Not so bad for a first tour.

Stephanie and Sarah stop by to pick up the bass. I’m chillin with them outside while they smoke. A guy in a John Deere hat comes out of the restaurant in awe of our attire, specifically Stef’s...

John Deere guy: “Now that’s a fashion statement. It’s like Pat Benatar on the top and Debbie Gibson somewhere on the lower half.”

Stef: “Well we’re all in a band. That might explain our coolness.”


Supersonic Breakfast Burrito (Egg, Cheese, Jalapenos, Tomato, Tater Tots) from Sonic. Waffle Fries and Sweet Tea from Chic-fil-A.

Snapping the peas...


While making a few deliveries two customers in a row refer to me as “boss”...“Thanks, boss.”...“Alright, boss.”

It’s a steady dinner rush.

Back home.

Vegetable Lo Mein. Josephsbrau PLZNR.

Cleaning up and doing some chores around the house because Darren’s stuck in Blacksburg for the time being.

I head over to Margot’s for a little bit to visit and borrow her computer for some writing.

Me: “Those legs. I want to fossilize them.”

Cookies n Cream Ice Cream.

She goes to bed before me. And I retreat back home.

Giving a little tender loving care to Jupiter, Darren’s cat. He stays locked up in Darren and Kevin’s bedroom. Finding obvious comparisons to Margot in the way this cat vies for attention.

Sleep at some point.

[i] Pat Benatar.

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